Wednesday, February 26, 2014

WATCH WEDNESDAY: Being Mary Jane Finale [EPISODES 8 & 9]

Did you watch Being Mary Jane last night? Better yet have you been watching at all?! I was glued to the screen for two hours last night in several group chats and tweeting my life away as the two-part finale of one of my favorite shows came to an ending. BET has a gem on their hands!

Because I love my readers so much, I wanted to share the finale episodes with you all! I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below :)


I'm hoping BET renews the contract for Being Mary Jane and gives us a Season 2! Kudos to Gabrielle Union for doing an amazing job, she's definitely a woman to watch. In other news, are you ready for Scandal tomorrow? I mean, we've only been having withdrawal for 2 months now!

WOMAN CRUSH WEDNESDAY: Lupita N'yongo for Essence Magazine, March 2014

Hollywood It Girl of the Year, Lupita N'yongo has been killing it lately, do you disagree? The fresh out of Yale graduate has been gracing covers of magazines and red carpets for a few weeks now and it looks like her reign is just beginning. From jaw dropping gowns to insanely toned body and riveting skin, Lupita has given young girls all over the world a face to identify with. Her skills and talents along with her impeccable fashion sense (kudos to her stylist) makes her our Woman Crush Wednesday! She recently shot with Essence Magazine for their Spring issue and dare I say she look FLAWLESS? What a beauty! She makes me want to go get a facial right now.  

images via: FGR

Excited about the Oscars this Sunday? Well I am, especially for the red carpet fashion which I suspect Lupita will knock us off our feet per usual, she's been mum about who she'll be wearing...

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

TALK THAT TALK TUESDAY: Investing Into Your Friendships

I've been going through this "invest into your friendships" phase lately and I've realized that it's so important to truly give more of yourself to relationships where there is a love and bond that worth preserving. Turning 28 has been quite the rollercoaster for me as I've embraced more changes in the person I'm becoming versus person that I used to be, so the topic of friendships has been on my mind so much lately. I love fashion with most of my heart but there is apart of me that loves my relationships way more. I value my family and friends so much, that I've learned to place my investment in them rather than material things. No, I'm not giving up my Jimmy Choo's or Christian Louboutin's up but I have decided to stick with investing more into those relationships that are purposeful and genuine. I always say "there is so much to this puzzle" when people tend to misconstrue my love for fashion versus who I am as a person, I have many pieces to this puzzle named Ms. Style and Grace that I cannot begin to explain, just know that I love very hard. But, lets get back into what's been on my mind...I've truly known that investing into meaningful friendships/relationships can make your life 10 times better. As we grow up, we change and I find that inevitable and mostly refreshing...I couldn't imagine being that 20 year old girl that I was today, it just wouldn't work with the path I'm pursuing. I've learned to let certain friendships fall to the waist side if the other friend wasn't investing the time, energy or even love that I needed/wanted. Certain friends are truly for certain seasons of your life and I've definitely have my 20s to thank for that. When we enter new seasons of our life also known as new phases/transitions (i.e. graduating college, new job, moving to a new city, finding a new love) sometimes you feel that eerie distance in friendships and it's a hard place to be in. It's okay, it happens to the best of us! 
The best remedy would be to invest in the friendship(s) more to see if this friend could be in your next season or just be at peace with the end of the season for that friendship(s), but know that with growth and time comes understanding. Learning to love people from a distance is the motto, missing them is hard but realizing that not everything last forever is a pill we have to swallow. I'm an optimist and believer that if a friendship/relationship is meant to be it will be, so just because that friendship ended in one season doesn't mean several seasons later that the friendship couldn't rekindle. I for along time didn't understand why certain friendships ended and why I was more interested/invested into my newer friendships I was developing but I had an Ah Ha moment as Oprah would say and realized that I was becoming the woman I always wanted to become and not everyone was going to understand that. So with all the change happening in my life I knew I couldn't hold onto those friendships that I thought would last forever, I had to invest in the ones that was worth fighting for.    
I've learned that it's all apart of growing up and finding/building upon those friendships where time between phone calls and occasional dinner dates doesn't really mean "I don't love you" or "I have a problem with you" but that I'm working on being a better person and chasing my dreams. I've struggled in the past few years with certain friendships that I thought were suppose to last forever, but God had a different plan for my season's change and for that I'm grateful. It's so important to re-evaluate your friendships and relationships with people as we are emotional beings and deserve the time, commitment and investment needed for growing. Quality time and showing that you care is by far the most important part of being a friend. I've learned that even an occasional email/text from a friend "checking on me/wishing me a great week" makes a world of a difference and even those cards that I get in the mail from Valentine's Day or "Just Because" is all that I need to know that my friends are also investing into me. The small things occupy the biggest parts of our hearts and making people feel like they matter is an even more rewarding than those material purchases we tend to make. We've got to learn to invest into our friendships more than we invest into our purses, shoes, cocktails and partying...there is so much more to life that we must choose to invest.     
So with all this said, Are you investing into your friendships? Making one person do all the work is not a friendship, if you care make the investment and commitment to be a better friend maybe even be an AMAZING friend that someone could count on and know that with all of life's ups and downs that they have you to depend on is truly a blessing. Understand that life has a way of changing your circle of friends up a little but, build upon those friendships that are worth your investment because those relationships matter! Let's be clear I'm not talking about opportunistic "friendships" also known as the what can you do for me relationships/contacts, I'm talking about those friendships that stand a test of time, faith, love and growth. This post is truly dedicated to all my friends that I love near and dear to my heart, you guys means so much to me and have been the best investment ever. My time and your time is definitely worth the investment I wouldn't trade for the world, thank you for investing into me! LOVE is you!  

STEAL OF THE DAY: Forever 21 Premium Beauty Collection

Looking for a few essential beauty products that won't break your pockets? Well the ol' faithful Forever21 has a collection worth taking a look at. The Premium Beauty Collection is complete with all the bare essentials that us ladies need to look our very best without having to spend $100's of dollars. The collection  is complete with 23 products and 72 styles with a very reasonable price range of $4.80 – $14.80 available online and a Forever21 store near you! I'll definitely be stopping by... 

Keeping Up With Kendall & Kylie Jenner: Marie Claire Mexico, March 2014

Little sisters of the Kardashian Empire, Kendall and Kylie Jenner are officially my latest obsession. How gorgeous are they? As a lover of the hit reality show "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" I have watched these girls grow into some beautiful young women that are determined to work hard and remain humble despite their very privileged upbringing. The baby sisters of Kourtney, Kim and Khloe are gracing red carpets, runway shows and even making their mark in the fashion industry in a major way by partnering with some of the best designers to date. Are you Keeping Up With The Jenners? Take a look at their photo-shoot for Marie Claire Mexico spread below:  

images via: E!

Monday, February 24, 2014

WEEKEND RECAP: New York State of Mind

Family Day Trip: Mark, Me, Melissa, Simmone, Fab Mommy & Sabrina

Didn't I tell you last week my birthday wasn't over? Lol! My family took it upon themselves to surprise little ol' me with a trip to New Jersey and New York (How did they know I needed a little break from the DMV area?), God gives you what you need! After my nephew's birthday party on Friday night my family suggested I get some sleep so I made the executive decision not to go out on Friday night and catch up on the lack of sleep I've had all week and it was definitely needed. Around 5am I woke up and then fell asleep again (lol) in the car, only to wake up in New Jersey. What a surprise, I had no clue what these people were up to but I loved the fact that I left the DMV area. We sat and had breakfast and peach bellini's at this super cute diner called 'Brownstone' also known as the pancake was AMAZE BALLS! My family knows me too me well #HappyGirl :)  

WHAT I WORE: Pink blouse (vintage)/ Faux Fur vest from H&M/ Coated Trousers gifted from ZARA (I'm OBSESSED with these already)/ 'Whirl' Ballet Flats from Jimmy Choo/ Louis Vuitton 'Speedy' bag/
After an amazing dining experience it was off to my favorite place in the USA next to California of course, NEW YORK CITY! My family knows how much I love to shop (which I'm trying to slow down on these days) so we spent a few hours in SoHo doing that and of course we got to bond along the way. The weather was soooo perfect and it was really fun to actually shop with my family and introduce my family to my favorite stores. I finally found my PVC vinyl skirt at TopShop, can't wait to wear it...I just need to find the right moment because it's one of the those "moment" skirts.

What a great weekend, definitely needed this little escape! Extremely grateful for my family and the good times we had (missed my dad--but there will be a next time). I'll be back next month to see some of my friends, New York is always a good idea. I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend the weather was so perfect I mean how could you not enjoy it? Anyway, Happy Monday!!  


Friday, February 21, 2014

WHAT I WORE: Schuntel's "All Dressed Up In Love" Birthday

Earlier this week I celebrated my 28th birthday (My gawd I'm old lol) with my friends and this weekend I get to celebrate it with my family (the party doesn't stop apparently *insert covered monkey eyes* emoji). Anyway, I kicked off my birthday with an intimate birthday dinner at my favorite Italian Restaurant, Filomena in Georgetown and it was surely a night to remember. The food was amazing, I had the most amazing friends around me and the champagne was flowing...How could I complain? I'm in still awe of how lucky I'am to be surrounded by such beautiful people inside and out, I just wish my friends that lived out of the state could have been there (Priss, Juicy, & Diddy--You ladies were missed!). FYI-I found my birthday dress only two days before my dinner, I was nervous wreck but in the end it all worked out. Check out a few pictures from dinner below:      
WHAT I WORE: White BCBG bodycon dress (similar found here)/ Earrings from Bebe (old)/ Pink Kafira Mesh Jimmy Choo heels (sold out!)/Jewels my own
My beautiful bestfriend, Ashlee did my makeup for the evening. As my friends would say "My face was beat" grateful to have talented friends.

Heart shaped ravioli made me so happy! 

...then this happened! A super beautiful/delcious strawberry cheesecake arrived (courtesy of my beautiful friends--you guys know how to make me smile). After blowing out my candles (TWICE--We needed more picture options, lol), I went to grab hookah and drinks in Georgetown then to a rooftop party all in the middle of a mini-snow storm. #TeamNoChill ....Fun times!
WHAT I WORE: FLAWLESS Sweatshirt/ Gold Bunny ears from BCBG/ Black jeans from Kardashian Kollection/ Saint Laurent 'Gold Cap Toe' heels (similar found here)/Gucci bag
On my actual birthday I spent the day at my favorite place that I need to visit more often, Robert Andrews Salon & Spa with a few of my girlfriends. I really needed some time to just relax and I'm so glad that my girlfriends weren't too far either, I made a promise to myself that I would go 2-3 a year.  

Post my super relaxing day I got together with a few of my friends at The W Hotel for Happy Hour followed by attending the Wizards v. Raptors basketball game, such a fun night! 

WHAT I WORE: Asymmetric crop top from ZARA/ High-waist black trousers from French Connection (old)/Saint Laurent 'Gold Cap Toe' heels (similar found here)/ Neon bag from ZARA (old)  

When I got home my family surprised me with this beautiful cake (above) and champagne, I love them so much for this cake (My little sister is AMAZING)!! Happy Birthday to me....excited to see what they have up their sleeves for me this weekend. Wishing everyone a great weekend!! XO
*bows out gracefully*  

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

WOMAN CRUSH WEDNESDAY: Jennifer Lopez World Cup "We Are One" Video Shoot

I've been a Jennifer Lopez fan since "Selena" so she's my crush everyday (Duh!) but the Fab-Mommy of adorable twins rocked out in Florida yesterday and looked DAMN good doing it. The Singer/Actress/Style Icon and Business woman sure knows how to keep her body in shape, maybe it's the dancing? Either way she's definitely giving us Twenty Something girls a run for our money, lol. Check out a few behind-the-scene photos from her music video "We Are One" below:

I'm obsessed with her shoes!

All images via:
J.LO was also in Miami filming her music video "Adrenalina" with Ricky Martin earlier in the week. When does she sleep? I really admire her work ethic, she's definitely a woman that I look up to!

FLOTUS FASHION: First Lady Michelle Obama Stuns in Carolina Herrera for Official State Dinner

When does FLOTUS ever let us down? The First Lady, Michelle Obama was a showstopper in this Carolina Herrera gown to the Official State Dinner last night in Washington D.C. FLOTUS and President Obama welcomed French President Francois Hollande to the White House for an official state dinner. POTUS was looking dapper per his usual but it was his beloved wife that made the crowd go WOW after seeing her in this gown, are you a fan? I think she looks flawless *Michelle, tell em'...we flawless* lol. The color is perfect and the embroidery is decadent, can you ask for a more fashionable first lady? She's the best! Get a closer look at the beautiful gown below:   

Swoonville! Werk it First Lady....we see you!

TopShop is Coming to Washington, DC....well close to it!

Move over H&M and Zara there is a new British store in town by the name of TOPSHOP/TOPMAN and dare I say that I'm excited! I discovered TopShop a few years ago and got my opportunity to visit the actual store in New York and instantly fell in love. Celebrities such as BeyoncĂ©, Miley Cyrus, Ashley Madekwe, Rita Ora, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez are just a few of the long list of celebrities and stylista's that love the brand. TopShop will open its first Washington area store in Springfield Town Center (located in Northern Virginia) this fall, according to The Washington Post. I also hear that the store will be 5,000-square-foot in size and although the town center has be under renovations we should see TOPSHOP in light come Fall 2014. I'll keep you posted on details of the grand opening as more information pours in but in the mean time between time, GET EXCITED we have a new British lover coming to town! P.S. Guys- TOPMAN has some amazing stuff for you too!

Monday, February 10, 2014


Hi Guys & Dolls!
It's my favorite month and I thought I'd pop in to say Hi! I felt a little distant from blogging lately but I'm slowly getting back into the groove of things. I could blame the many snow storms and busy social life but, honestly I've just been doing some soul searching to being a better woman (I have a birthday looming so there has been a lot of reflecting). I've decided to keep my birthday pretty simple this year, I plan do something extravagant for my 30th (2 years to go) so I'll save all my energy and money for that. Anyway, it's fashion week so my eyes have been glued to all my favorite blogs and websites to watch the shows. I'm stuck in DC for awhile so I couldn't make it up to New York for fashion week so I have a bit of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)!    

In other news, I decided to take a break from weaves and wear my natural hair for a few months. I've been natural for 4 years and my hair has grown so much that I want to embrace my length. Anyone else embracing their natural roots and going weaveless? I'm excited to try Anyway, I have some work to get done, I hope everyone is enjoying their Monday! Smile, it's contagious :)     

STYLE CRUSHIN': Zendaya Coleman

17 year-old Actress/Singer, Zendaya Coleman is making a mark in the style department. The Style Icon on the rise has been gracing red carpets and as of recent sitting front row at New York Fashion Week with some style icons. I noticed Zendaya's style over the summer and instantly fell in love with her effortlessly chic style and slender frame (I'm crushin' if you haven't got the memo). Everything about her style says fabulous, chic, timeless and is all about taking risks and owning your look so I'm very happy to see a teenager owning her look and making a footprint in the style sand of the life. Check out a few of my favorite looks from Zendaya below:

Are you Style Crushin' on her too?! Could she be a Style Icon on the rise? Kudos to her stylist :)