Tuesday, April 29, 2014

TALK THAT TALK TUESDAY: What Does Your Social Media Say About You?

I'm finally back to my "Talk That Talk Tuesday" posts and I've been pondering this particular topic/post for a few weeks as I know it is a touchy subject. If you follow any of my social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Tumblr) you know the fashion lover, Carrie Bradshaw personality, Social Butterfly throughout the DMV but I'll be the first person to tell you that there is so much more to Schuntel aka 'Ms.Style & Grace/ Ms_Schuntel' than you will even know! Let's rewind a bit, to my first stab at social media...my roommate and Best friend in college got super excited that our school was chosen to be on Facebook (at first Facebook would only allow Ivy league schools on until they realized the high demand from other great institutions like my school, Elon!) so I would always beg her to log on her account to see what everyone was doing until I finally got the courage to create my own account. I remember losing my social media virginity to Facebook in 2005 and I can tell you that it has reconnected me with so many friends and family. It was my first online relationship (lol) that molded my social media experience in a way I would've never imagined! 🙌

From Facebook then there was twitter where I used 140 characters to give my opinion on mostly everything then it was the birth of my blog. Then, there was Instagram after getting my first iPhone and now my latest obsession Tumblr! I remember during my obsession with Facebook I would be so eager to post EVERY picture I took (with no filter) and make a album with a clever caption and share with my 1,000+ "friends" to show them how much fun I was having and being super prest to put up the "in a relationship/it's complicated status" or event the "married to... my bestfriend" just because! Why did I have to do all of that? What was I trying to prove? Was I really having fun or was I was just good at pretending? Out of 1,000+ friends I could only name about 50-75 (friends & acquaintances) that I really knew and cared about. I would say about 3 years ago when my first real relationship failed, I was in the midst of grad school, friendships were changing and I was finally growing into the woman I always wanted to be it hit me..."Schuntel, you don't need to share every aspect of your life. Protect the intimate and genuine moments in your life. Share only moments you wouldn't mind the whole world/Washington Post to know." It was then that I began to become more choosy with what I shared as I was feeling more comfortable in my skin. And although all of my social media accounts needed to be "public" and accessible because of my "Fashion Blogger/Freelance Stylist" title I knew I wanted to keep certain aspects of my life private as those were my moments to bass in not the worlds to judge, mock or speak negatively about. 

As Beyoncè would say "I'm sensitive about my sh*t" and I think social media has a way of taking things to another level that it shouldn't be (I'm no Beyonce but you get my drift). After being addressed on numerous occasions by my social media name in public (A bit awkward but hey, I've been called worse) I realized that what I was portraying to the world would be exactly what I would attract. So I mainstreamed my social media accounts to reflect only that--- fashion, positivity, socializing/networking, certain milestone accomplishments, and quotes here and there to share with everyone. I reserved my intimate moments for close family and friends as they were moments that I held close to my heart. I decided to keep my dating life private as well as limit my family related events that I would post to keep my private life MINE.  When it comes to social media, we've left very little to the imagination...I usually know if a girl is mad at her boyfriend by the subtweets or indirect quotes talking about cheating/loyalty; what someone is eating for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and even their favorite snack and I'll even know the intimate moments of someone's family without even having to ask them the details. I think it's important to leave some room in your social media for a bit of mystery and privacy, I don't see much of this and it truly disturbs me. Does every picture and thought/quote in your head (thanks to improvements in technology i.e. cell phones) need to be shared on your social media accounts? I find that my quiet time with God would just be that (and NO I'm not ashamed of my faith, just trying to maintain a sacred and genuine moment without taking a picture for Instagram or posting a status on Facebook). Even my girl nights-in with my bestfriends would be just that, there is no need to broadcast to the world why I'm in the "house" versus being at the club or lounge. There is a need for validity on social media that needs to change. No shade to those who share alot of their life on social media, my point is to be mindful of the energy you put out as it is a reflection of you. So, that leads me to the BIG question...What does your Social Media say about you? I find me asking myself this sometimes. Do you?

Does the world know your every move? Can we tell how many times a week you go out? Have we've been "informally/socially" introduced to your significant other? Are you being the best version of yourself? Are you really having fun on vacation or you just good at pretending? When it comes to social media, we must first understand that social media is a tool that we yes WE use as a channel of communication with the outside world. The status updates, tweets, and no filter/filter pictures can say ALOT about you before you can even formally meet someone. 9 times out of 10, if you've seen someone's social media account you can come up with a few conclusions without having to "actually" get to know them (not all just a few...remember people only show you what they want you to see). It's so important to do a few check ins with yourself to see what your social media says about you. Are we so eager to post a picture of us out having a good time that we forget to have a good time with the people we are with? I'm totally guilty of this....#Selfie #Usies, etc. lol! Let's learn to be in the moment and use our social media handles to reflect the best version of ourselves so that we attract the things/people we want 😊.

Let's stay socially aware of what we are portraying to the world as that is what we will attract and be addressed by. Let's maximize our social media to promote good versus negative commentary and let's use it as a tool to further our career goals. Social media has it's ups and downs but for the most part it keeps us in tuned with what's happening in the world, and that has been the best part if it all! Stay informed, stay aware, stay purposeful and more importantly stay true to who you are!
Happy Tuesday ❤️

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

WOMAN CRUSH WEDNESDAY: Lupita Nyong'o Is PEOPLE's Most Beautiful

Not only have I been crushing on Oscar Winner/Style Icon/It Girl of 2014 since her debut in "12 Years of a Slave" but People Magazine has named her among the top 50 "Most Beautiful" People, what a honor! She's truly a beauty inside and out and her determination and perseverance has me crushing on her in more ways than one. Lupita Nyong'o said that her mother and manager "always said I was beautiful...And I finally believed her at some point." She also said that her best compliments were "when I have been called beautiful with not one drop of makeup on," now that is a compliment that never gets old! Lupita is such a role model for women of color that have struggled to identify, I'm glad that little brown girls have someone to look up to and know that their "dreams are valid" and skin color never equates to beauty, it's the content of your character. Happy Woman Crush Wednesday Everyone, I can't wait to grab this issue of People Magazine!!!

Friday, April 18, 2014


Last Night @ Jimmy Choo's "Lady Von Scholarship" event with Lola, Jessica & Lacey (L to R)
This week zoomed right on by and although I love the weekends I wish my Monday-Friday would slow down a little. Of course the social calendar was full of events this week but I wasn't able to make everything except the Jimmy Choo "Lady Von Scholarship" shopping event for some much needed champagne and networking with some new/old friends. With Easter Weekend upon us, I'm looking forward to a fun filled weekend with family and friends. I'm volunteering at the White House Easter Egg Roll with my mom on Monday so I'm excited I have an extended weekend of fun on the menu. I hope everyone is enjoying their GOOD FRIDAY & I wish you a very Happy Easter!

*bows out gracefully* 


Last weekend I was super jelly of everyone in Palm Springs, CA at the Coachella Music Festival. I've been wanting to go to Coachella for about two years now, I mean how could you not want to hear live music all day/night and enjoy the beautiful weather with friends? Next year, I plan to be there but until then I will keep stalking all my favorite sites to watch live performances and see what people are wearing. I spotted a few of my favorite celebrities rocking some funky looks over the weekend, check out my style recap from Weekend 1 of Coachella below:
Julianne Hough always hits the mark with me! I'm obsessed with her fringe bag..I WANT!

Looking all angelic in white was none other than, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Boho Chic model, Alessandra Ambrosio looked amazing last weekend. SWOON!

The Jenner sisters Kendall & Kylie looked tres chic as they showed off their very gothic style.

Kate Bosworth is the queen of EFFORTLESS!

Selena Gomez is that you?! I'm totally digging the long white overlay and boho hat. Kendall is werking those cowboy boots too! Very cute and age appropriate for the two friends.

Alessandra Ambrosio strikes again and this time it's bandanna style!

Model fab indeed, I'm obsessed with the heart sunglasses and the fringe movement!  

Amber Rose came out to play and she's looking very fabulous! Gorge Award!

Beyoncé made a fashionable and musical cameo. Hello hair, hi boots and heyyy short shorts!

The Carters were in full effect as they graced Coachella with their musical talent and of course fashion. Jay stayed true to his Brooklyn style and wore his camos and timberlands for the occasion while his wife, Beyoncé kept it Boho fab as always. I love this "Vacation" hair on her!

 Is that Mama Tina werking it like that? LOVEEE. Hi Solange, that orange is POPPIN'
This weekend will be part 2 to the Musical Festival, I look forward to see more style of course...STAY TUNED to my full recap next week!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

WHAT I WORE: Sunday Bests

It was beyond beautiful last weekend and I had the opportunity to spend most of my weekend outdoors enjoying the weather that I miss right now (it's pouring outside!). My Saturday was filled with shopping, lunching with my bestfriend and attending my first day party of Spring/Summer. When it came time for Sunday, I made my way to church as it had been wayyy to long since my last visit and then I hung out with my two best friends for brunch and some rooftop fun in the city. Honestly, I had the best Sunday ever and I look forward for even more days like that...  

WHAT I WORE: Leather crop bustier top from BCBG/ Cream vintage skirt/Black & Gold heels from ZARA (old)/
Did I tell you guys I found my graduation shoes?! Well I did and I can't wait to wear it....all I need to find now is my dress. I hope everyone has a great week! xo
*bows out gracefully*

FASHION NEWS: Alexander Wang x H&M Collection [11-06-14]

Over the weekend Stylista's got the best news of their life (well at least I did) when H&M announced the next designer collaboration. During the Coachella Music Festival last weekend (I'm so mad that I missed it, next year I'm there!!), famed designer Alexander Wang revealed his collaboration with H&M at an exclusive party. Wang is now the first American designer to partner with H&M and the timing couldn't be even more perfect as the Swedish retailer celebrated their 10th anniversary of designer collaborations. Although deets on the collection have been sealed tight, we hear that there will be some "never have been done before" moments and collection for both men/women released on November 6th, 2014! MARK YOUR CALENDARS for WANG X H&M!

Friday, April 11, 2014

WHAT I WORE: California Sunshine

As you might recall me telling you guys last week that I was taking a few days off from blogging, I also took a few days off from the East Coast to celebrate my girlfriend's birthday (It was a total surprise!). The weather in the DMV has been so bipolar that it was actually refreshing to visit Los Angeles for a few days as it's always Spring/Summer. I got the chance to roam around the city with my girlfriends, dine at my favorite spots, see my bestfriend, drink champagne like a BOSS..and most importantly put on my swimsuit and go to the beach. I had such an amazing trip and couldn't be happier that Spring is finally making it's debut in Washington, DC. Check out a few pictures from my trip along with my "What I Wore" looks below:
WHAT I WORE: Yellow V-Neck Sweater by ZARA(old)/Yellow jeans from Target (old)/ Grey Mini Purse by Phillip Lim for Target/Nude Corneille Christian Louboutin  Pumps/    

My look was inspired by the 'FLAWLESS Jennifer Lopez' pink outfit I posted about two weeks ago. I'm over the black/white movement and ready to fully embrace the many color choices in my closet. I'll always love "black on black" and "white on white" but I definitely want to play around with more color this Spring/Summer especially pastel. Since Spring is finally here, I can finally and comfortably go through my closet and do some organizing to see what pieces I need to add to my closet. I could really use some more staples and a few stand out pieces, most importantly a new bag (CHANEL is calling my name)! Are you ready for a new Spring/Summer 14' wardrobe or is it just me?
WHAT I WORE: Knitted black crop top from ZARA(old)/ Crossover Skirt with Buttons from ZARA/ Metallic 'So Kate' Louboutins (sold out)/ Earrings by Belle Noel/ Bling cuff from H&M(old)
Me and the girls grabbed a bite to eat at the popular Sushi/Asian restaurant Katsuya in LA Live. I'm obsessed with my skirt, I wish we took more pictures so you can see all of it but I plan on wearing it again (in a few weeks lol) so I'l be sure to snap a few more pictures.   

WHAT I WORE: Off the Shoulder dress from H&M (sold out online but try similar here)/ Green 'Anouk' Jimmy Choo pumps/ Diamond earrings/ My own jewels
Saturday was so much fun, I went to Long Beach Museum of Art for a surprise birthday lunch for my dear friend. The theme of the luncheon was Hollywood so I decided to stick to something classic and appropriate, what do you think? I found this dress the day before I left DC (lucky me)!

The girls and I after a beautiful luncheon! #ElonGaveMeYou

WHAT I WORE: Denim shirt from H&M (old)/ White splattered paint high-wasited shorts from UO/ Flat sandals from ZARA
It's always fun to go sightseeing in LA especially in Hollyood on a sunny afternoon. After doing some walking, I got the chance to attend a memorial brunch for a friend of mine that passed away and link up with my bestfriend. It was a perfect way to begin my Sunday!
Of course the celebration wasn't over...we went over to Mastro's for cocktails and dessert!

The buttercream cake is to die for...this is one of my favorite desserts and restaurants in Beverly Hills. If you are ever in the area be sure to go to Mastro's, it's divine *mouth is watering*

WHAT I WORE: Yellow swimsuit and sunnies from H&M
Everyone kept asking me where I got my swimsuit from and I must say that I was super surprised to find this swimsuit in H&M while I was browsing for a dress for the luncheon which I scored big on too. I have a few trips coming up next month so I definitely lucked up on this swimsuit because it's been so hard to find a swimsuit/bikini under $50 that I like. In other news, Venice beach was super chill...exactly what the doctor ordered for a 'Happy Monday'.  

...You can keep that beach, cuz' that beach whatever
Kira & I in Hollywood after attending our first "Jam Session"...SO MUCH FUN!!
My last night in LA was pure bliss, I got the chance to listen to some live music, sip a few brews and smoke some hookah all while having some great conversation! I'm missing the West Coast alreadyyy...anyway it's back to business as usual and I'm excited for my next couple of weekends! Have a great weekend everyone, it's going be so beautiful outside :)
*bows out gracefully*

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Happy 4th Anniversary to Ms. Style & Grace!

FLASHBACK to my 1 Year Anniversary for Ms. Style & Grace! Circa, April 2010
It gives me great honor and admiration to say Happy 4th Anniversary to Ms. Style & Grace (Well, to myself (lol)). Ms. Style & Grace is 4 years old today and I couldn't be prouder of my baby, she's seen so much and learned a great over the 4 years. I hope that my blog has inspired, motivated and/or made a positive impact in your life as much as it has made in my life. Ms. Style & Grace has allowed me to go confidently in the direction of my dreams and work harder than I ever imagined. I have been able to overcome heartbreak, start and complete my masters degree, invest into meaningful friendships and realize that the best is yet to come! I've said numerous times before that "blogging is my therapy" and that it has helped me overcome so much, today I stand true to that statement 4 years later as I watch my 4 year old baby receive over 100 hits daily. It always makes me feel special when someone tells me that they visited my blog or leaves a comment, I take what I do/write very seriously. The time and commitment to blogging is probably the longest relationship I've ever had and it has been a great pleasure to see the path it is taking. I couldn't be happier to see another year go by and I'm still giving my all to Ms. Style & Grace as I report on the latest fashion and beauty trends hitting the red carpets, streets and runways across the world!
FLASHBACK to my 2 Year Anniversary Party with my Event Planner, Jessica! Circa, April 2011
What am I most proud of? I have to say that I'm most proud of the promise I made to myself 4 years ago when I vowed to staying true and positive in blogging. Ever since I was a little girl my parents have always instilled in me to stay positive and the classic "If you have nothing nice to say don't say it all" motto and that has been my philosophy with Ms. Style & Grace. I have maintained this vow to myself as I know there is so much negative reporting/criticizing in the world that I choose to focus on the positive and bring that energy to you guys. But, most importantly the question I keep getting is "What am I doing to celebrate?"...Well, recovering from my West Coast jetlag (I have tons of pictures to share with you guys later) and doing a fundraiser event in support of my 10 Year High School Reunion, but I look forward to celebrating a little this weekend...champs are needed! LAST, but certainly not least a very special and heart felt thank you to all my readers and followers for encouraging me to continue to blog and have a voice in a community where I belong without you, Ms. Style & Grace would not be who she is, and for that I THANK YOU!! *bows out gracefully*   
521 comments + 800 views per week + 2,222 blog posts + 150 followers = One heck of a 4 Years!
Numbers don't lie...check the scoreboard!