Friday, May 30, 2014


Costa Rica beach babe, May 2014
Helllo, I'm back in the USA and I can truly say that I had an amazing vacation. I went to the beautiful Costa Rica for my cousin's wedding and had the time of my life. From sipping cocktails on the beach, to watching the sunset and eating non-stop all while partaking in natures beauty I got to really live in the moment. Although my phone was on half of the time, I still had the opportunity to zone out and really soak up all that a vacation really is. I really enjoy going on trips, I think it's so important to see how other people and cultures live, it's truly the most humbling of experiences. Because my family is foreign, it has given me the perspective that one cannot say that they have lived if they don't travel and see the world, especially when you've had a passport since birth. I plan to do more international trips in the future and I strongly encourage everyone to go out and experience other places. As I'm recovering from minor jet-lag and time zone differences, I'm looking forward to relaxing this weekend. It's back to blogging next week, so much has happened in the world of fashion and beauty can't wait to bring you guys up to speed (if you haven't already). Happy Friday!!
*bows out gracefully*

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


As you may know, I graduated last Saturday, May 17th, 2014 from University Maryland University College and I got the chance to celebrate with my closest friends and family. The weather was perfect and of course I was surrounded by so much positive energy and love that I couldn't ask for anything more. My girlfriend from LA came into town and the celebration festivities were underway, check out a few pictures from the weekend. Disclaimer: I stole most of these pictures from my friends lol (love yall...mean it) and of course most of my family pictures are on the professional camera so hopefully I get those soon and I can share a few with you all. Anyway, check out my unforgettable graduation weekend below:

From LA to DC :)

WHAT I WORE: Kate Moss T-shirt from UO/ PVC Vinyl skirt by TopShop/ Bronze Christian Louboutin heels/


May 17th, 2014!
After graduation, I went straight to my luncheon and I had a blast!

The party continued at Eden's day party...what a fun day! 

Oscar's selfie or nah?  

WHAT I WORE: Multi-colored Sequin dress (old) by French Connection/ "Sunday" Ankle pump by Jimmy Choo/
And on Sunday I found myself mesmerized in the dope is this graffiti?
WHAT I WORE: White leather tank (gifted)  from Express/ Trousers by H&M/ "Sunday" Ankle pump by Jimmy Choo/ Neon bag (old) by ZARA/

It was quite a weekend and I'm super excited for the rest of the month especially my next trip!! I want to thank everyone that helped me celebrate such a momentous occasion, it meant a lot to me. Extremely grateful to have such beautiful people around me that I can be inspired and motivated by, God definitely gives you what you need when you need it. I'm working on my next worries, I won't leaving blogging to the waist side! Happy Tumblr Tuesday!
*bows out gracefully*

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Happy Wednesday!

Wow, it's been a little over a week since I last blogged and so much is happening (as I predicted a few weeks ago). I just got off of a mini vacay from Miami (OMG, take me back!), celebrating one of my bestfriends birthday and Mother's day weekend ---but that's just the beginning of my May madness. I have graduation festivities coming in less than 3 days as well another vacation during the memorial holiday that I couldn't be more excited for and of course lots of social events that I need to motivate myself to attend. I've become such a recluse lately when it comes to certain social events, so with the weather not being so bipolar these days I will be more motivated to actually go (pray for me). Anyway, since I've totally been MIA (literally, lol) I decided to share a few pictures from my trip with you guys before my other hiatus ensues...Please enjoy! 
 Miami Nights: Cream t-shirt from H&M/ White leather pants (old) by H&M/ Jimmy Choo "Malika" heels/ Black clutch (old) by F21/ Vintage Necklace  
So here's the story behind this picture (because there is ALWAYS a story lol), after our flight was delayed and I paid for my carry on luggage (Yes, I paid for carry on luggage...NEVER WILL I EVER fly with Spirit airlines again) we finally checked into our super exquisite hotel also known as THE EPIC and immediately went into turn up mode. This outfit was my "travel from DC to MIA look" except for the shoes as I opted for my Isbabel Marant wedge sneakers to complete my "all white, all right" look but we wanted to party immediately after so I slipped on my neon Jimmy Choo "Malika" heels and went to South Beach. We took this picture in our elevator, it turned out pretty good...Anyway, my long tresses are growing on me now! What do you think?
Pool Day Ready: Bandeau bikini top from  Everything But Water/ Cream shorts (old) by BEBE/ Bow sandals (old) from ALDO / Fedora hat (It's a men's hat) from ALDO/ Aviator sunglasses by Jimmy Choo/
The next day, we decided to make full usage of our amazing pools (yes, there was like 4 of them) so I immediately slipped on my bikini that I've been wanting to wear for over a year now and headed to the pool. The weather was absolutely perfect and of course the champs were in full effect, so I was a very happy girl to say the least! I need this pool now more than ever...

I tried on my friend's sunglasses, me likey!

Mango & Pecan salad and Devil Eggs.
Okay, so my first official meal in Miami was totally after my pool day (I mean who eats before you put on a bikini? lol). We left downtown Miami to go to South Beach and eat at the popular restaurant, YARDBIRD and I can honestly say it was one of my best meals I've ever had out of all my times in Miami, period! I'm obsessed with this place and these pictures are bringing back so many memories! Since it's small plates we ordered a few entrees so we wouldn't miss out on all the greatness and needless to say we were satisfied! 

Southern fried chicken & Shrimp and Grits
BLT (fried green tomato) & Macaroni n' cheese
Fight Night: Cropped shirt from Zara/ shorts from H&M/ Cuffed heels by BEBE/ Hoop earrings (old) by Belle Noel

Later that night, we went to a bar to watch the Mayweather fight and then to South Beach for some more fun! Definitely had a great time that night. My girls are so cute! 

On our last day in Miami, I decided to break out my favorite denim bikini as I watched down at my (in my mind) yacht. Again the weather was perfect and the pool was where I belonged so I stayed there for a few hours.

Being poolside with these hunks made my Sunday even better! Love them!

LIV on Sundays: White dress (old) from ASOS/ Jimmy Choo "Lance" sandals
Of course on my last night in Miami, I went to party at LIV and had a good time until I realized my flight left 7am in the morning I cut my night a little short so I wouldn't miss my flight.
Birthday celebrations for G: Woven Crossback Jumpsuit by F21/ Pink heels (hidden) by ZARA/ Vintage earrings
By the next weekend, I was celebrating my dear friend Giorgio's birthday at the super cute BarMini! I was so impressed by this little jewel found in my own city that I was speechless, it's just perfect and of course the Miami glow didn't hurt either. Everyone kept asking me where I got my jumpsuit from and I can finally do the "reveal" was Forever 21! Can you believe it? A total steal! I tend to mix my high/lows with clothing a lot because I'll do most of the splurging with my shoes. As you can see it was a great fit and I totally felt comfortable in it all night. You don't have to spend a million bucks to look like a million bucks, remember that... 

Cousinly love while I sipped on my cocktail!

A Mother's Love: White crop top from ZARA/ Vintage cream skirt/ Aqua sandals from UO/ Pink necklace gifted 

Sunday was full of love as it always is but this past Sunday was super special as it was Mother's day and I got to spend time with my #1 lady in my life. My mother is the cornerstone of my family and she makes being a mother and a career woman look so easy and effortless. Her strength is beyond recognition and her selflessness is the exact woman I aspire to be, any comparison to her makes me feel special. Sunday we honored her (as we do everyday) with a special brunch at my sister's house where we laughed, ate and enjoyed movies together in addition to the trampoline (what a workout!).  

Now that I've caught you up on most of the things happening in my life, this will be a my last post for the week as I prepare for my GRADUATION! I couldn't be happier with everything happening in my life right now, I'm extremely grateful and blessed to be surrounded by such amazing people that motivate and inspire me. I'm finally understanding the importance of making yourself happy and not giving a damn (excuse my French) what other people think. Let them talk because they are going to talk. All I can do is smile and I have a lot of people to thank for that...
*bows out gracefully* 


Tuesday, May 6, 2014

WHAT I WORE: STK "Girls Night Out"

Girls Night Out: Britt, Ky, Terrin & I
Before my vacay my girlfriends and I decided to try out the newest restaurant in town also known as STK  (Not Your Daddy's Steak house) and see what all the hype was about. For the most part I was thoroughly impressed with the d├ęcor however the service could've used some improvements but I know it's only been a week since they've opened their doors so I will be patient. The cocktails were amazing, the bread was divine (seriously, my mouth is watering for some), my steak was pretty good and the DJ gave the place a nice vibe. I was so busy catching up with my girlfriends that I didn't take as many pictures of the food like I wanted too but just know that I'll be back for more!   
Best bread everrrrr!

Scallops and garlic noodles :)

OMG I was so excited for my 10oz steak because I gave up red meat for lent so I couldn't wait to get into it! STK serves a variety of steak sauces and toppings but I opted to keep it simple and stick with what I knew for now. Since it was just us 4 girls we only got a few side dishes, the mac & cheese was my absolute favorite as well as the creamed spinach.   
WHAT I WORE: Pink leather dres (old) by Armani Exchange/ Metal cuff heels from BEBE/  
So I decided to bring back the long hair for the summer, do you like? I'm still getting use to the length as this is the longest it's ever been can't wait to try different styles.

Thursday, May 1, 2014


WaHooo! The month I've been waiting for is finally here and I couldn't be more excited. I have a ton of birthdays to celebrate, Mother's day festivities to do with my family, graduation and two vacations on the menu....needless to say May will be a very exciting/busy month for me! I'll definitely try to post as much as I can but, just know it's going to get a little cray in my life this month. Anyway, I've rounded up a few of my favorite looks from the past few week's in honor of May's arrival, enjoy!
Am I the only person loving Nicole's purple hair? I'm obsessed with her dress too!

Kate Moss looks perfect in this embellished suit and 'So Kate' Christian Louboutin's.

Rihanna looked refreshingly beautiful with this aqua crop top and mini skirt. I want this RIGHT NOW! *hits search button again...*

Jennifer Lawrence rarely misses the mark, I love this studded blazer on her!

Jamie Chung is becoming my new favorite in the Style On The Rise department, how great is this look? From the office straight to a night out...

It's something about this look on Selena Gomez that I love, not sure if it's the jean jacket tossed over her shoulder, super cute romper or big hair...either way I'm swooning!

Kate Bosworth knows how to perfect rocker chic down to the boots. I love it!

Kim Kardashian wore her signature draped pants before jetting off to Paris, I need these in my life!

Sienna Miller channeled her wild side in a leopard coat and embraced a few neutrals to complete her look and of course I'm a fan.

Chanel Iman knows how to clean up nicely, I'm sooo obsessed with this cut-out dress. Looks like the cut-out trend is here to stay for Spring/Summer.

Jennifer Lopez never misses the mark, I mean NEVER! Here she is looking flawless as she jets off to judge another episode of American Idol. She is the Metallic Queen!
Newly single, Brandy worked this very cute patterned suit look and that curly fro is PERFECTION.
Stay tuned to more fashionable posts next week, I'll be on vacay for a few days (I'm excited)! As usual I'm not packed, nothing to wear and less than 24 hours to pack...Baby Jesus, I need your help. Can ya'll pray for me? I should know after all the headaches to be more prepared for my trips, etc. but I'm good at finding last minute outfits on the fly even with the stress of "Schuntel, you don't have time" lol. Anyway, I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend, I look forward to bringing back Tumblr Tuesday next week! Happy Friday Eve beautiful people! xoxo 
*bows out gracefully*