Friday, June 27, 2014

HAUTE FRIDAY: Behind The Scenes of #ONTHERUN

....Less than 2 weeks until I experience this GREATNESS!

"Good Job" -Blue Ivy Carter
I'm super excited for another Summer weekend in the city (I have a few social events to attend and birthday celebrations's cancer season lol). But I'm even more excited for the #OnTheRun Tour after seeing the videos/pictures from Jay and Beyoncé's first performance, anyone going July 7th? I'm STILL freakin' out about what I'm going to wear! I have some time to decide but you Anyway, I'm wishing everyone a great weekend :)

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

WHAT I WORE: The Big Kiss To Summer

 Happy Summer Everyone! Last Saturday kicked off the official day of Summer in my bed for most of the day (Friday night wore me out lol) then to my little cousin's grad cookout before I ventured into the city for some quality time. I kept it pretty comfortable and chic as I knew I would end up going to a lounge or walking a few blocks. The weather was so beautiful Saturday night that I made my way to a rooftop on U Street, it was the perfect way to bring in Summer 2014.   

WHAT I WORE: "Kiss me in French" crop top by UO/ Bandage skirt from Nordstom/ Pointy toe Saint Laurent Pumps/ Studded clutch by F21 (old)/

L-R: Brittany, Ashlee and I at Lost society

Thursday, June 19, 2014

CHIC OF THE WEEK: Kim Kardashian, Selena Gomez, Chrissy Teigen & More!

Kim Kardashian was my absolute favorite look of the week in this custom made Balmain roped dress in Cannes. She looks like a freakin' goddess, love love love!

Nicole Richie has me wanting to go purple (kidding...I'm not that brave lol) but I love it on her! I want her cropped laced shirt....NOW!

J.LO had so many fabulous looks this week, I have to say this one is my fav. She looks stunning as she is promoting the release of her latest album, AKA.

Lala Anthony blew my mind in this orange suited look with her croc heels, what a great color on her.

Halle Berry has proven time and time again that "She's STILL got it"..I mean seriously she looks flawless. Fab-Mommy indeed! Werkkk!

Selena Gomez kept it street chic and I must say I love it, I need those jeans in my life.

Chrissy Teigen is becoming new favorite on the red carpet, she's stylish yet daring. I'm loving this cream look on her and the slick back hair is tres chic!

Sienna Miller makes me want to go out and buy a biker jacket lol...I love the all black look even though is baking on the East Coast Sienna is keeping warm. Such a great look for the Fall.

Kendal Jenner made a risqué red carpet arrival and although I was on the fence because this dress ages her a little I think she rocked it perfectly.

Kylie Jenner was also quite the stunner this week in this beaded orange dress. Kudos to their stylist, Monica Rose she keeps them in the hottest looks!

SHE WON: Lupita Nyong'o Makes Her First Vogue Cover, July 2014

The "It Woman" of the year, Lupita Nyong'o rightfully got her first cover of Vogue Magazine's July 2014 issue and of course she looks stunning. The Oscar winner and Fashion Icon on the rise has made herself easily the most watched and talked about woman of the year. Her breakout role in 12 Years As A Slave was ground breaking and moving (seriously, one of my favorite movies!) but it was also her glamorous looks on the red carpets that caught my attention. For this issue of the popular fashion bible, Vogue Magazine Lupita was photographed by Mikael Jansson with a rather unique and fitting theme of Egyptian royalty. I mean she is American royalty in my eyes and at 31 years old, she's definitely making it look easy to be so effortlessly fabulous. Check out her full spread below:    

all images via: VOGUE

How stunning are these pictures? I'm in awe of such beauty, she's totally a natural.

Read the full interview here! 
Congratulations to Lupita!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

GIRLS NIGHT OUT AT THE MOVIES: "Think Like A Man Too" Advance Screening

Pre-Birthday Celebrations @ The Source: Myself (White Knitted tank from H&M/ White cross button skirt by ZARA/ Christian Louboutin "So Kate" bronze heels/) & D'Angela
Yesterday, I got the chance to kick it with my girls in the city. My first stop was to the popular restaurant The Source for my friend, D'angela's pre-birthday celebrations. It's currently in the mid-90s in the DMV so I was super eager to try the cocktails after walking a few blocks in my heels. I tried a very flavorful pear cocktail and some appetizers that were delicious, I forgot how great this place was! Anyway, after doing some mingling and enjoying the beautiful décor at The Source it was off to the advance screening of the movie "Think Like A Man Too" with a few of my girlfriends.

L-R: Kim, D'Angela, Myself & Terrin @ The Source
The Trio: Terrin, Myself & Denisha
TLAM2 Screening @ Mazza Galleria, Chevy Chase L-R: Kyra, Myself, Kim, Brittney & Denisha
Whoaaa what a funny movie, Think Like A Man Too is definitely a movie that you must see! It comes out in theaters this Friday, June 20th! I laughed the entire movie, who knew Kevin Hart was so funny? I'm not a "go to the movies every week" type of girl and wasn't a big Kevin Hart fan but he was HILARIOUS from start to finish. I loved the concept of the movie, it was light hearted and touched on a few issues in relationships that mirror real life situations (I won't tell you the movie...but it's a good movie to talk about afterawards with your girlfriends or significant other). It really looks like the cast had a fun time making this movie, the extra cameos from some of my celebrities didn't hurt either. If you need a good laugh or a girls night out this movie is definitely for you, it's a true romantic comedy. Most importantly, I'm so glad I got the chance to spend time with my girlfriends and laugh, that's all you need sometimes. They are my #WCW's this week...Happy Wednesday!!

Monday, June 16, 2014

HAPPY MONDAY: My Summer 2014 Bucket List!

Happy Monday beautiful people!! Summer is less than a week away and I couldn't be more excited for pool days, cook-outs, brunches and doing some outdoor activities. Last Summer I started up this Summer Bucket List complete with 27 Things that I wanted to do and I'm happy to say I did a majority of those things. This year I'm going to do 28 Things that I want to check off my Summer 2014 Bucket List, 28 is symbolic to the age that I'am (Lawwwd, I'm in my late 20s...fix it Jesus!).
I have a NEW Motto for Spring/Summer: "New experiences, new people that broaden my horizons, new energy that makes me feel alive and a new found trust to always love again"...feel me? 
  1. Save more MONEY!
  2. Go bike-riding around the city!
  3. Smile even when it hurts, smile even when it's hard, and smile when life is good.
  4. Attend more charity events.  
  5. Start a new Gratitude Journal.  
  6. Drink more water than alcohol.  
  7. Show people how much I love them with my actions.
  8. Find time EVERYDAY to pray and meditate.  
  9. Pool Dates EVERY WEEK (Hello, I'm a water sign baby).
  10. Watch the sunrise and sunset!
  11. Go to a Winery! 
  12. Spend quality time with my nieces and nephews.  
  13. Plan a surprise for someone special!  
  14. Go to the beach at least once.
  15. Dance the night away to my favorite song.
  16. Love a little harder.
  17. Go to the spa at least twice!
  18. Meet someone new.  
  19. Attend an outdoor concert.
  20. Do a Flying Trapeze class!
  21. Watch the fireworks.
  22. Go on a hike! 
  23. Cook a few things...
  24. Attend a baseball game!
  25. Visit a museum.   
  26. Go somewhere I've never been.
  27. Take a vacation or a few mini-trips.
  28. Attend my 10 Year High School Reunion (Where does the time go?).

Well there you have it, 28 Things I Need To Do this Summer and I'm very confident that I can make this happen. Do you have a Summer Bucket List? Should be an exciting summer, I'm looking forward to some new experiences and broadening my horizons. Countdown until June 21st!!!


EVENT ALERT: Brunch For A Cause Hosted by A Diva State of Mind

My blogger friend, Keri from A Diva State of Mind is hosting a fabulous brunch for a great cause next Sunday, June 22,2014 at M Street Bar & Grill in Washington, DC to benefit Miriam's Kitchen. With only a few tickets left, I thought this event was definitely worth sharing.
Brunch For A Cause combines Keri's love of brunch and passion for giving back to the community (Hello, I love that!). Keri is kicking off her Summer edition of Brunch For A Cause so if you love attending brunch and are interested in giving back to the community OR want to learn more about organizations in the DC area that are serving the community so you can become more involved, then you should probably make your way to M Street Bar & Grill this Sunday!
You will have the opportunity to network, discuss ways we can serve the homeless community in DC, sip unlimited mimosas or champagne and enjoy a three-course menu. With giveaways and raffle prizes and you won't want to miss this brunch! Your ticket price includes brunch, drinks, tax/gratuity AND a donation to Miriam’s Kitchen, an organization focused on combating chronic homelessness in DC. You can also make a donation if you are unable to attend but would like to support the cause here!

Get your tickets TODAY!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Happy Father's Day Weekend!

Circa 1990 and May 2014....not much has changed! #DaddysGirl
I'm super excited that it's finally Friday (it's been a very long week) and that I can celebrate the most important man in my life also known as My Daddy! God gives you what you need, when you need it and he's most certainly blessed with me a Dad that I admire and respect whole heartedly. He's given me tough love when I needed it, advice anytime I asked for it and changed my perspective on how I view the world (having a passport since I've been a toddler helped). I think it's so important to recognize great men when you see them especially when they take care of their responsibilities, i.e. being an amazing father. I'm extremely blessed and grateful to have my Dad in my life, he's taught me so much about myself and has made boundless sacrifices for my siblings and I that saying "thank you" is never enough. I really salute both of my parents for instilling so many values and morals into my life, those values and morals have helped me overcome so many obstacles. This weekend (and everyday) we celebrate him as well my brother & brother-in-law for being great men and fathers to my niece and nephews, they are exemplary men that always provide and protect! Sooo without further delay, Happy Father's Day weekend to all the Father's out there that are role models to so many and make sacrifices for their children, we appreciate you more than you know! #YouTheRealMVP 
*bows out gracefully* 


Yesterday afternoon I attended the Jimmy Choo Cares event for the Chloe and Maud Foundation at the Merritt Gallery in Chevy Chase, Maryland. The event was full of Jimmy Choo's Pre-Fall Collection and of course there was enough bubbly to go around while people enjoyed the beautiful artwork and supported a great cause. I recently did a bit of splurging and got me a new pair of Lance to complete my life, I'm obsessed with them I have another pair that I've been wearing for years so I decided to get pair that matched well with my skintone. Us brown girls can't wear everyone's "nude" shoe so this metallic shoes worked perfectly and might I add that they are sooo comfortable (you dance in them all night, promise!).  

Ran into my favorite on the way to the Merritt Gallery. If you ever in Chevy Chase and need a pair of Jimmy's to complete your life ask for Giorgio, he's theee best!

WHAT I WORE: Vintage red dress/ Jimmy Choo Lance Sandals/

So, I totally found this dress in the back of my closet and couldn't believe that it's been such a long time since I've worn it. I remember the last time I wore this dress it was for the movie premiere for Sex and the City (2009?) so I had to try it on and it fit like a glove! The back of the dress is so beautiful, I love the attention to details it was totally the look I was going for. I decided to minimalize my accessories and pull my hair back for a more polished look. It was an incredible night, I'm so glad I got to mix and mingle with a few friends all while for a good cause.  

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


OH BABY, OH BABY, OH BABY!!! I'm super excited to hear that my girl, Kelly Rowland will be a Fab-Mommy! After tying the knot with husband/producer, Time Witherspoon last month the Singer "sorta" announced that she has a little bun in the oven over instagram (see below).
This will be the first baby for the newlyweds and it looks like the excitement is already underway! So it looks like we have a Maternity Style Watch to stalk in the upcoming months....I'm HERE for it. 

image via: TheYBF

Congrats to the happy couple, being in love looks great on Kelly! 


My family and friends always mention how much I go out to eat, and I must agree that it's certainly true. I'm no Rachel Ray/Martha Stewart in the kitchen so my favorite hobby is going out to eat, preferably with the company of other people. The best thing I can make is reservations (for now...), lol! So, I decided that I would add my dining out experiences to my blog ONLY if they were positive dining experiences so I'll pop my "food blogging" cherry today. Yesterday, I went to Medium Rare and was thoroughly impressed with the food and service. I'm a stickler for good customer service as I consider myself a pretty good tipper when I dine out. Anyway, I'm not the biggest steak eater so when my friend suggested we go to Medium Rare I was a little apprehensive but I must say it was an amazing meal and the set dinner menu for $19.95 had me intrigued.

The prix fixe dinner menu included Artisan Rustic Bread and a Mixed Green salad followed by the Award-Winning Culotte Steak & Hand-Cut fries with a secret sauce. As simple as this meal was, it was very tasty and the service was great! The food came out within a reasonable time frame of each other and surprise surprise, there was another serving of steak and fries following our first plating.

The food was more than enough and the "secret sauce" had me swooning. You have the option to sit inside or outside, and since it was such a beautiful afternoon we dined outside with no hassle or much interruptions. Eastern Market has some amazing restaurants, it's always nice to sit outside and enjoy the weather while eating a great meal. Definitely going back for a second round, if you're a steak lover this is the perfect place for you.
The prices alone are worth the experience, so I'll give Medium Rare A-

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

WHAT I WORE: Sunday in the City

So, last weekend was quite the spiral (a good spiral) and I must say I'm glad I had Monday off to just relax (well From my nephew/god son's graduation from pre-school to a bridal shower to a graduation cookout and running errands I had a pretty eventful weekend. Sunday I actually found some time to brunch with my bestfriend in DC, the weather is still a bit tricky so I decided to put my leather shorts to use before I pack them away in my Fall/Winter pile. Do you like?
I bought them a few years ago and wore them for Mardi Gras like 2 years ago, and being that I need to do a closet purge I found them while searching for something else in my closet lol. Anyway, I love them and got a lot of compliments on them! Unfortunately, I have a brain freeze as to where I got them from, so sorry guys but I'm sure you can snag you some leather shorts from Zara (I saw a cute pair in there). Since, Spring/Summer is here I guess it's time for Denim and Bermuda shorts!

WHAT I WORE: White collar shirt from H&M/ Mustard leather shorts (similar found here)/ High heel strappy sandals from ZARA/ White vintage purse/  
June is truly flying and I can't wait to do some more traveling and of course parlay by the pool, I'm really eager to jump start on some goals that I've set for myself so stay tuned for that! In the meantime between time enjoy your week!!! xoxo

Thursday, June 5, 2014

VIDEO OF THE DAY: "On The Run" Trailer

This post is LONG overdue, please forgive me for not sharing this last month but as you already know my life was a bit busy. But, we are almost a month away from the concert so I'm getting super excited for the #OnTheRun concert. For the past week I've been brainstorming outfits for the big event and of course I needed some inspiration so I've replaying this video over and over lol. Anyway, I wanted to share this awesome trailer with you guys just in case you haven't seen it! Enjoy! 

"Coming Never.." Haaaaaaaaaaaa

STYLE CRUSHIN': Kendall Jenner

As of late, I've been definitely Style crushin' on the ever so beautiful Kendall Jenner. The Super model in the making not only knows how to walk the catwalk and take beautiful spreads in fashion magazines but knows how to keep it effortlessly chic on a day to day basis. Her style is evolving and I must say I love it! The younger sister of Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian has taken a few tips from her fashionable sisters. Check out a few of my favorite looks from the Model Citizen, Kendall Jenner:

all images via: NYMag