Saturday, January 17, 2015

Vision Book 2015!

Happy Friday!!! I'm super excited to finally say that I've finished putting together my 2 additional pages to my vision book. The past few weeks have been busy so it's been an on going process and I'm happy that I finally completed it. I found myself cutting out more words than pictures this time which was inspiring and made me want create a goal list on top of my 30 for 30 list. Anyway, I'll stop with the blabbing lol...check out my vision book come to life. See below :) 

I think it's important to review your previous vision board/vision book additions from the year before just to see what you accomplished or attracted to your life. I like to keep my vision book in a place where I can always see it, which I challenge you all to do the same. I think that keeps you motivated and on track to getting those things you envisioned. 

Then there was the infinite magazines, glue, scissors, stickers, glitter, and of course the music in the background to keep me in the zone. When creating a vision board/book its key to do when you feel the most creative, for me it's at night. If you ask anyone who knows me they will tell you I'm a night owl and that's when I'm inspired most. What time of the day are you most inspired? Maximize that time! 

And without further's complete!! After cutting, pasting and tons of thinking my vision book is complete. 2015 is totally mine and I couldn't be more excited about the things I want to attract to my life. I'm always amazed at what each year adds to my life, 2014 was pretty great but I'm really looking forward to getting the ball rolling this year. 2015 feels totally different and I'm so happy to be in the place that I am, God makes no mistakes and hears the desires of my heart so I'll maximize the woman he has made me in all facets of my life. Stay inspired beautiful people! 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

WHAT I WORE: Street Wear

Happy Tuesday!! My weekend was just what I needed, lots of rest and spending time with friends I haven't seen in a very long time. I'm anticipating a very action packed MLK weekend (birthday brunch, birthday dinner, house warming & sleepover) so I'm pacing myself lol. Anyway, while I had a brief stint in the city on Saturday afternoon I ran into this beautiful art work in Eastern Market. 

I was truly obsessed with it and it was only right to snap a pick before jetting off to lunch. It's been so cold in the DMV that I've been wearing my fabulous faux fur headband everywhere. I got it from TopShop last week and has been my go-to when it comes to staying warm. And I'm still not over my timberlands, they are super comfy! OMG I may need to get another pair lol... 

Street Wear: Embellished Faux Fur Headband by TopShop/ Bubble coat by Ryu (gifted)/Black skinny jeans from Kardashian Kollection (old)/Timberland boots/Hobo bag by Gucci

*bows out gracefully*

Friday, January 9, 2015

HAUTE FRIDAY: Feeling Brand New!

NYE 2015: Green jumpsuit from the Kardashian Kollection (old)/ Mirror 'Lance' Jimmy Choo sandals/ Vintage earrings gifted from my Mom/

Well it's finally 2015 and I must say that although it was a rocky start I seem to have a new perspective on how I'm approaching another year....POSITIVE THOUGHTS, POSITIVE ACTIONS, POSITIVE ENERGY! I'm almost done adding 2 pages to my vision book and I've started to make strides to meeting my goals. 2014 was a good year but I intend on making 2015 even better, I've even started writing a 'To do' list of 30 things to accomplish before 30 since I'll be turning 29 next month (Holy cow! Where did my 20s go?). I've been spending so much time just thinking lately that I'm ready to really get the ball moving and walk confidently in the direction of my dreams. My friend and I went out the other night and we discussed our 2015 wishes for each other and she told me that she wished for me to blog more since she enjoyed my blog so much so I'm going to make her wish come true lol! I plan to blog a little more than I have last year because it was so therapeutic for me and it helped me pursue my passion. Amongst those wishes I really thought about what I wished for myself and I hope those wishes come true this year, with all this said "I'm feeling brand new" at the moment. Pardon my overly excited grin if you see me out and about, but I've got a good feeling about 2015 (God is working!). I'm a firm believer in speaking things into existence, because our thoughts are so powerful why not speak them out loud?! Anyway, I'm really looking forward to this weekend! I hope everyone is enjoying the New Year so far, don't forget to smile :)

*bows out gracefully*

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

WEDDING BLISS WEDNESDAY: Ludacris & Eudoxie 'Why Wait' Ceremony!

First and foremost, Happy 2015 guys! I hope you all had an amazing New Year Eve night and that your year may be filled with happiness, love and prosperity. My New Years started a bit rocky but I'm loving all that 2015 is bringing to my life thus far and I can't wait to see all that it has to offer. Now let's get into one of my favorite couples that just recently tied the knot. Rapper Ludacris and longtime girlfriend, Eudoxie recently got engaged right after Christmas while they were on their way to Costa Rica for a holiday vacation and then shortly tied the knot a few days later in what they call the #WhyWait ceremony (see below)! 

How adorable is this #milehighproposal? I'm so obsessed with this couple, they've been together for so long that it was only right that he took the proposal to new heights. By far one of the sweetest proposals I've ever seen.

And just yesterday the newlyweds released exclusive pictures from their wedding with the hashtags #whywait #mrandmrsbridges that sent Instagram into a frenzy! I love love love the simplicity of Eudoxie's dress and the very relaxed no tie look that Ludacris has going on. I think it's so beautiful to see a couple who've been together for so long not prolong a engagement when they already know they want their forever to start now.  

I love hearing about engagements and marriages at the beginning of the year. Congrats to Mr. & Mrs. Bridges, wishing them a lifetime of happiness and boundless love.