Thursday, May 21, 2015

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

What a week!! Summer is on the horizon and I'm more than excited to spend my days/nights at the pool. Earlier this week me & my girlfriends decided to sip some champs and lay out by the pool. I've been having one of those weeks so a pool day was so's something about a pool/ocean that brings serenity into my life. All I need now is to get my book game together, currently searching for some good books to read pool side. 

Anyway, I'm busy running errands and doing some Style Consult things today before my trip tomorrow but I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Memorial Day weekend! Salute to all the troops, you're appreciated ❤️

Monday, May 18, 2015


Last Friday, I decided to attend Game 6 of the Wizards vs. Hawks game with my girlfriend followed by amazing indian cuisine. I had one of those weeks where I just needed a switch up so going to support the home team was on the menu, although we lost it was a really cute girls night out.


Of course I wore my heels comfortable ones of course! I'm so obsessed with these metallic ones that I've been wearing them everywhere and with everything. A little metallic never hurt nobody..

Denisha & I at the Verizon Center
Thank you God for good friends, couldn't be prouder of this girl!

So let's get to it....What Did I Wear?
Cut-out top by ZARA
Color stoned necklace by ZARA
Black skinny jeans by Kardashian Kollection (old)
Metallic sandals by MissGuided
Handbag by Tamara Mellon
I hope everyone has a great week, I'm looking forward to spending Memorial Day weekend in the south! The sun should be shining so you know I'll be smiling...peace x blessings guys! xo
*bows out gracefully*


Sunday got so much sweeter when word dropped last night, that the creative director of Balmain, Olivier Rousteing would be collaborating with H&M for an exclusive collection! His model friends Kendall Jenner and Jourdan Dunn wore gave us a little preview (see below) of what's to come. Do you like? I'M SWOONING, GAGGING AND SAVING MY COINS lol!  

 The collection will hit the stores November 5, and will feature clothing and accessories for both women and men. The question is, Are you #HMBalmaination or nah?!          

Thursday, May 14, 2015

CHIC OF THE WEEK: Beyonce, Lupita Nyong'o, J.Lo & More!

I'm still on a fashion high from last week's Met Gala among other celebrations. I'm itching for a vacay so I've been in planning mode so please do excuse the delay of posts this week. Anyway, some of my favorite celebrities have been looking AMAZING this week so I wanted to share with you all my top picks of the week, see below:

Gabrielle Union looks amazing in this yellow dress, I love this hair too. Werk Gabby!

Lupita Nyong'o was an absolute vision in this green dress. OMG what a beauty! I'm obsessed.

Beyoncé has been killing it lately, kudos to her new stylist Zerena! Werk Bey! 

Keke Palmer had me swooning over this Victoria Beckham strapless dress. 

Kerry Washington rocked this knitted dress, how amazing is this? She looks beautiful!

Anna Kendrick was serving color-block realness! GORGEOUS!

Karlie Kloss stunned in this jumpsuit/dress combo, how great does this look on her?!

J.LO is still killing it, what an amazing jumpsuit!

Friday, May 8, 2015

HAUTE FRIDAY: Mother's Day Edition!

Mother's Day 2014 with my Fabulous Mother, Pam!

Happy Friday beautiful people! It's been such a great week that I cannot wait to begin my weekend. Between a fashion show tonight, birthday brunches, birthday dinners and Mother's day celebrations I know that this weekend will be so much fun and better yet a time celebrate my fabulous mother! I wanted to do a special post today honoring all the inspiring, motivating and strong mother's that I know personally because we all know how truly incredible mothers are. So I reached out to a few friends and my sisters to share what they thought the best part of being a mom is, check out their responses below:

Simmone & Caleb
Being a mom is the greatest blessing and responsibility I have in my life. There as so many things I enjoy about being a mom. However, there are two aspects of motherhood that resonate with me the most. The first is watching my son grow into an intelligent, handsome and God-fearing young man. It has been an amazing experience to see his confidence grow with each success and challenge he has faced. I have truly enjoyed and feel so proud to share in all of his accomplishments and look forward to seeing him become a productive adult.

Another great aspect of being a mom is the unconditional love my son consistently shows me. Although I can be a bit harsh on my son when I discipline him, he stills understands a mother's love is unbreakable even through punishable and loveable times.
Simmone is my oldest sister and Caleb is my oldest nephew who I love and adore. Their mother and son bond is incredible, I'm blessed to witness this first hand and the best part of watching this relationship grow is that even though she is a career woman with a very demanding schedule she still knows how to balance motherhood so well. Her strength amazes me and I couldn't be happier to call her my sister and the mother that I hope to be one day. Happy Mother's Day Simmone, Caleb is lucky to have you as his mom!  

Ashlee & Blake
Being a mother is the greatest joy and the most amazing thing that ever happened to me! My love for Blake endless, indescribable. I honestly could go on and on, but I thank God every day for choosing me to be his mother, He selected a perfect pair! Being a single mother it has its challenges, I like to call them "growth challenges". What you don't realize initially is as they grow you are growing too! With every stage comes something new to experience and fall in love with. Being a mother is a rewarding job and at times it may not always appear that way, but it truly is!

Ashlee has been my bestfriend since we were both in elementary school and to watch her raise my nephew Blake has been such a blessing. The best part of watching Ashlee be a mother is her selflessness with Blake, she's always finding a way to make learning fun and finding fun things to do while still keeping it fabulous! Happy Mother's Day Ashlee, I'm lucky to call you my bestfriend and Blake has a gem on his hands!
Kim & Christian

The best part of being a mom is knowing that your life has extended purpose. I feel so blessed that God chose me to help raise one of His children. It's the highest honor in life. My son makes my heart full. My love for him is infinite and I am enjoying the journey of motherhood!
 Kim just recently gave birth to her precious son, Christian just weeks ago! She is a new mother and oh does motherhood look good on her. I'm swooning! I've known Kim since elementary school as well and the best part of hearing her talk about this new role of motherhood is her love for God and how honored she is to raise her son. Happy first Mother's Day Kim, keep loving and growing into the mother you're destined to be, Christian is truly a blessing.  
Melissa with Joe-Joe, Maya & Justin
The best part about being a Mom is that God has giving me 3 beautiful children to show everyday how to love. Knowing that I’m present in my children’s lives every day and cherishing and loving them every second. Also, knowing that they love and cherish me every day too. I would also know that the best part in being a mom is that I was taught that by having a great example of a mother in my life for 35 years to show me how to love unconditionally and to show selflessness.

Melissa is my sister who raises my nephews Joe-Joe, Justin and niece Maya. Juggling 3 kids and being a career woman amongst being an amazing wife seems like a lot but she makes it look so easy. Her strength and determination to providing the best life for her family is aspiring. The best part of watching her be a mother is that she is selfless and how her kids cherish her. Happy Mother's day Melissa, you're truly phenomenal and your children are a representation of that!
Kacey & Zoe

The best part about being a mom would be discovering the world and reliving my childhood memories through my daughter. I love seeing her eyes light up when she experiences things for the first time. It also serves as a reminder of what great responsibility her father and I have on exposing her to the world to ensure that she is a well rounded and cultured individual.
Kacey is a dear friend of mine and Zoe is super cool daughter that is truly a star in the making. The best part of watching Kacey be a mother is all the fun and innovating things she does with her daughter. She makes being a Mom a job you can't wait to have, between her work schedule and being a wife it's amazing to see her balance it all so well and effortlessly. Happy Mother's Day Kacey, I can't wait to meet your new bundle of joy on her way, you were made for this!

Brittney & Taylor

Looking into the eyes of your spitting image, the echoes of genuine laugher, hearing the words "I love you mommy"; these are some of the best things about being a mother. It's not always easy but it's always worth it. God created a purpose for each child and it's my responsibly to guide my son accordingly, I find that to be most rewarding about being a mother.
Brittney has been my friend for over 10 years and I remember finding out when she was pregnant with her son Taylor. It's amazing how time flies and how awesome it is to see her as a mother. The best part of watching Brittney be a mother is that she is the "calm after the storm", she makes it looks effortless without a doubt. Her love for her son is written all over his face and her balance of work-motherhood-social life is beautiful to watch. Happy Mother's Day Brittney, you're truly an inspiration and Taylor is blessed to have by his side no matter what!
Ebony &  Madison better known as "Maddy"
Nothing else in the world can create the joy or heart break that motherhood bears. I could not even begin to imagine a life without feeling that wide range of emotions. There are amazing days when I feel my cup just runneth over. Then there are days that I want to cry and just run away. Going through it all...Feeling it all...good or bad, truly gives my life purpose. Motherhood is walking around with all of your nerve endings raw and exposed. And of course let's not forget the smiles, the giggles, and the grins : ) My world could be caving in and I can come home and listen to my Maddy discuss her day and what she's learned, or overhear her giggling playing a game or watching spongebob or just hear her say "Mommy I love you"—and just like that! All is right in my world. To me motherhood is the most extreme measure of being alive. And I must say, I wouldn't trade any of it for the world!
Ebony is my sister-friend that I absolutely adore and her precious daughter Maddy will make the room light up. They are such an amazing duo, I think the best part of watching Ebony be a mother is that she never gets defeated. Her always charismatic personality and hands on relationship with her daughter makes you have instant baby fever. I'm so proud of the mother she is and the woman she is becoming. Happy Mother's Day Ebony, continue to be the mother God has destined you to be I know Maddy thanks you for making her childhood the best!  
Candace & Dominiq better known as "Niq"
And what I love most about being a parent is receiving unconditional love everyday. I never have to question if it's real. It makes you feel like you always have a purpose to strive for greatness. Being able to help and watch someone so special grow. It's a blessing just to be apart of that.
Candace has been my friend for years and I've known Niq since he was a little tot, it's so crazy how life moves fast and kids change and grow up. The best part of watching Candace be a mother is her strength for the most part and how passionate she is about Niq. She's always finding a way to make sure he has the best and keeps a smile on his face, their unbreakable bond is priceless. Happy Mother's Day Candace, you're a beautiful person that I cherish and adore and so does Niq!
 Thank you to Simmone, Ashlee, Kim, Melissa, Kacey, Brittney, Ebony and Candace for sharing the best part of being a Mother, I know it was hard because there are so many parts that you find to be the best but as always you ladies delivered because that's what you do! I'm grateful to have each and every one of you ladies be great examples of what a Mother is. Your presence and teaching is admired and appreciated. Continue to grow, flourish and be the awesome women you are!  
I hope everyone has a great weekend! Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's reading this post...Enjoy this song below :)

*bows out gracefully*

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

BEST DRESSED: The MET Costume Gala 2015

Last night I was glued to my phone like my life depended on it was only for The MET Costume Gala that I love and adore. When your favorite designers, fashion idols and celebrities are in one place at the same damn time it was mandatory that I tuned in for a fashion forward night. With all that is going on in the world (#prayforbaltimore) my reprieve is fashion. Every year The MET Costume Gala has a theme and this year it was China: Through A Looking Glass. I thought this theme was perfect and some of my favorites gave some serious OMG moments. Check out my favorite looks of the evening below:

The Queen of the MET Costume Gala was Sarah Jessica Parker of course in this custom H&M gown that she collaborated on along with this age-defying headpiece by the one and only Phillip Treacy. Seriously, she was the damn MET GALA. She started off the red carpet so fabulous that she was my all time favorite look of the night. She matched the theme perfect, seriously who does it better than SJP?! She delivers like no other. #50AndGotDamnFABULOUS

Left to Right: The runners up for the MET Costume Gala were Bee Shafer looking all but of fabulous in this one of a kind Alexander McQueen dress (totally spot on for the theme) and her hair to perfection.
Then, there was the fashion goddess herself, Solange rocking an interesting dress by Giles Deacon that I really found intriguing. She's takes fashion risks that I appreciate.
Karolina Kurkova was stunner in Tommy Hilfiger, those legs are to die for. She totally got the theme and made it into her own. I'm obsessed her shoes, the Guiseppe Zanotti was the perfect shoe pairing! #ModelSwag

Left to Right (top): Emily Ratajkowski was a adorable chic and effortless in this beautiful Topshop dress. Although she didn't totally embody theme I loved how beautiful and detailed this dress was.
BBHM island gal, Rihanna showed up and SHOWED completely out! I literally screamed and went HAM in my group chat when she arrived. The fashion icon wore a Gus Pei custom made coat that had turned the red carpet yellow. ONLY Rihanna could do that and do it so well! She was the drama we needed. Definitely on theme.
Left to Right (bottom): Rosie Huntington-Whiteley rocked my whole world in this beautifully Versace gown. Her body looked AHHHMAZING, she makes me want to run 20 miles everyday. Stunning for sure!
 Kendall Jenner was uber chic in this Calvin Klein dress, I loved the see-through-dress. She's always so effortless. Go Kendall!
Fashion Icon on the rise, Bella Hadid is wearing Topshop and my oh my did she look great. I'm obsessed with this topknot and her make-up. Serveeee! 

Left to Right: Bingbing delivered CHINA realness and I must say that it was PERFECTION! Gold was the color of the night and she worked it so well.
Kim Kardashian went ultra glam in this Roberto Cavalli gown (similar to the one BeyoncĂ© wore to the MET Gala 2012). She wore it well and her sleek pony made up for the fact that I've seen this dress before. Great look KKW!        
Zendaya is such a beauty and her dress was so age appropriate and served it's purpose very well. She wore a Fausto Puglisi high-low dress and jeweled it up pretty well. Her make-up was amazing! Oh how I love Zendaya!
Then, there was the QUEEN BEYONCE who showed up right before (well maybe it did) the red carpet was over in this drop-dead Givenchy Haute Couture gown. She took my breath away with her amazing figure and sleek pony, I couldn't stop starring. She broke the internet (literally), and her dress, make-up and hair gave me Geisha. SLAYONCE!

Monday, May 4, 2015

RECAP: Ms. Style & Grace Turns 5 Anniversary Party!

Last week I celebrated the 5 Year Anniversary of Ms. Style & Grace with my family and friends, it was truly a memorable night. The night was filled with speciality cocktails provided by D'Usse and lots of laughter, picture taking and great conversation. This party was especially special to me because I announced my newest business venture as a Style & Image Consultant. My website launched the day after the anniversary party and the feedback has been nothing but of amazing and encouraging. 

With the help of C'est Belle Event Planning (Mahalia--YOU'RE AMAZING!) my vision for this very special milestone came to life. The pink and gold accents through out the restaurant and lounge was perfect and venue was so accommodating. Thank you to the staff at The Graham hotel, D'Usse team, C'est Belle, Urban Sweetheart, Marc Photography, Rent The Runway, and everyone who came out to celebrate this very special moment. Check out an exclusive peek into #MsStyleAndGraceTurns5 

How amazing is this set-up? C'est Belle did her thing! The first 25 guests who RSVP'd to the party received really cute giftbags complete with glitter bottles of champagne! 

D'Usse was flowing all night and I have Brenden, Tyler and Aleka to thank for that! 

Lexie, thank you for your hospitality! If you're looking for the perfect venue to host a party definitely check out The Graham hotel and tell Lexie I sent you :)

Love my VSU girls! 

So happy to see my "Kelly Rowland" sisters, we've been at it for decades! #friendship

Thank you God for giving me these two men in my life, they are my bestfriends but more like family. 

My sister from another mister, she motivates me to be better! 

So happy to have met Damion, he styled me for the night. How amazing is this Matthew Williamson dress? Special thank you to Rent The Runway-Georgetown, for always taking care of me. 

As long as I got my suit & tie. Dapper gentlemen!

My doll came out to support, always happy to see her!

G taught me! #youknew

Grateful to have my bestie supporting me for the night, love you boo!

Nothing like family, I mean nothing...

Posed it up with my Asia doll!

Kisses for my Emily!

Candid of me announcing the future of Ms. Style & Grace and (so glad I held it together and didn't cry lol). This was such a surreal moment! I was once told "When it's your time it's your time, shine bright" and I never forgot that. Patience has been the greatest clutch to me starting my business, and trusting that when the time comes that my dreams will manifest...happy to say the time has come and I'm shining ya'll. So grateful!   

Annette, a one-a-kind friend. So happy to have this Fab-Mommy out for the night!

Team No Chill was in full effect (minus 1), sometimes you meet people and you just click. Can't really describe the connection we all have with one another but it's a love and support that keeps giving!

My family is my existence, they've taught me how to strong and independent. I credit them for most of my accomplishments, so happy to have them support another Schuntel party lol. 

Nate x Zahra x Pam = Dope! 

More than co-workers more like a friendship you never want to let go. Love you Candi!

Two people I can't get enough of, love you Wenny & D!

Great to have the support of one of my favorites! #Elon 

Only person missing is my dad, although he couldn't be there physically his love and support was felt. I'm so obsessed with this picture!! 

Photo-booth realness! 

Hugs & Smiles!

Aleka, thank you for everything! D'Usse was the perfect touch to my event!

Urban Sweetheart Owner, Sirdonea and my college friend Kamal having a few laughs!

Got DJ Pknock to stop thru! 

I hope you all enjoyed this recap, it was a long time coming but I'm moving confidently in the direction of my dreams. God has been such an integral part of this process that I know that with all that I've learned with blogging that I can add Entrepreneur to my name confiently. No worries, I'll still be blogging just adding more things on the to-do list. I'm very grateful to have a great support system and rock of a family to uplift me and keep me accountable. Since, I've launched I have received many calls, texts, emails and words of encouragement in addition to several styling service requests. God is working! 2015 has been very good to me so far, I'm learning so much in every aspect of my life. Enough with the mushy talk (I'm getting a little emotional and it's 4am--I should be sleep lol) but I'm excited for my future and the lives that I can touch through my styling services. So, Happy Monday everyone...continue to chase your dreams, find what makes you smile and love the people God gave you! 

*bows out gracefully*