Friday, December 30, 2016


If I can speak truly and candidly, I'm more than ready for 2017 to be here. My favorite number is 17 and I see it everywhere and it's sort of become like my lucky number. 2016 has been one of the most humbling years of my life---it has not only taught me so much about myself but it's taught me that I must be true to who I am. I've experienced so much this year that it astonishes me how I'm still able to stand with the confidence and strength that I have today. I like to think God keeps giving me these battles because something great is bound to happen, and although disappointments seemed to hit me like a ton of bricks this year STILL I survived and became stronger than ever. I've had some really great moments this year and it has been a pivotal year for me in all my friendships/relationships as well as my career (Thank you God). I began 2016 on a very positive note and I'd like to end it that way, so I took last week to review all my promises I made to myself and reflect on my pages in my vision book to just see how far I've come. Below are the promises I've made this year and I also made some notes as to how I accomplished or what things I still need to work on.    

My Promises to 2016...
1. I promise to keep God first! (Mediate in the morning & began listening to Joyce Meyers podcasts before beginning my day--Thank you BHill)
2. I promise to remember to be honest about what I want, need, feel and who I am. (Maybe I've been a little too honest this year lol. Once I turned 30 it was a wrap!---you live and you learn right?)
3. I promise to always be kind. (Every week I try to do at least 1 thing that is kind for someone else or least make an effort to go out of my way for someone)  
4. I promise to choose wisely. (Deciding to end friendships/relationships and letting go has been some of the wisest choices I've made)
5. I promise to keep an open mind. (Lived life to the fullest)
6. I promise to remember my blessings over my struggles. (As hard as it is at times, I've definitely remembered my blessings)
7. I promise to be the kind of person I would want to meet. (Honestly and Truly have made this my mission this year)
8. I promise to smile more :) (The blessings kept me smiling year!)
9. I promise to walk confidently in the direction of my dreams. (Sometimes it's a struggle but faith has kept me walking in the most confident way)
10. I promise to read more. (Epic fail! My "busy" life did not allow me to get as much reading in)
11. I promise to wear that outfit I was saving, even if it's to go to the grocery store (life is short). (And I definitely did---maybe twice lol)
12. I promise to spend my time wisely. (I had no choice to do this because with such active social calendar all my time was carefully thought out)
13. I promise to write more. (I didn't write a lot but I definitely prayed a lot. Does that count?)
14. I promise to use social media less. (I took much needed time to unplug and plan to do it more in 2017)
15. I promise to remember that I'm human and I'm not perfect. (I tell this to people all the time, I'm not perfect and I don't try to pretend that I have it figured out)
16. I promise to love a little more :) (I gave 2016 a lot of my heart and soul this year, no regrets just lessons learned)

Despite missing the mark on a few promises for 2016, I have to say I had some pretty great moments! Check out some of my BEST MOMENTS OF 2016.


"I'm competitive really with myself, HONESTLY....Really my references-- I go back to myself and try to better myself. So I'm really tough on me more so than anyone else. I'm not an competitive person that walks in thinking about other people and how I can compete"- BeyoncĂ©    


My only promise to 2017 is to keep projecting the best image of myself forward with a firm grip on reality while living everyday to the fullest. Happiest New Year to you all! I hope next year is your break through year and that all your wildest dreams come true.

*bows out gracefully*