Tuesday, November 8, 2016


Happy Tuesday Election Day! What a year it's been watching the campaign trail of the two candidates for President. I'm extremely sad to see President Obama bow out in January but I'm confident that I'll be voting for the best candidate today. I cannot stress enough the importance of voting, in the words of my favorite President "Don't boo, vote." Check out one of my last Fall Series post that I shot in Blagden Alley, I loved the graffiti in the alley and the artwork we found while finding the best location to shoot this very relaxed look.

Pouch Pocket Shirt by Harvey Faircloth/ Distressed denim jeans by ZARA/ Gray bookbag by ZARA/ Nike running shoes/

Comfort is key and I fell in love with this shirt while shooting (I loveee the detailing). It's been a busy two weeks for me, I just moved amongst a million other things but I'm almost settled and I'm super focused on getting more things done! I hope everyone has a great week, don't forget to vote!

*bows out gracefully*