Tuesday, April 11, 2017

7 Years, 2,357 Posts: Happy Anniversary & Good-Bye Ms. Style and Grace!

It's with a very bittersweet sentiment that I write this post, as this will be my last blog post on Ms. Style and Grace. After a few months of thinking, praying, mediating and talking to friends/family about what direction I should go with my blog it finally came to me and I decided (Well God spoke to me) to fill up that empty glass of mine. As this month marks my 7 year Blog Anniversary I figured this would be the perfect time to announce my Blogger retirement *pours out champs on the ground*. It's with great esteem and confidence that I focus on my next chapter with God's permission of course (more on that later). This blog has been my saving grace (literally) and my therapeutic release when it came to life's twists/turns so after 7 years I feel very complete that I've accomplished all that I've wanted to do here. Ironically the the number 7 represents completeness and perfection (both physical and spiritual) and my Angel number is 17 and low and behold we are in Year 2017 so with divine powers beyond me I know that this is the right time to pursue a dear passion of mine.

My Favorite Blog Post/Opportunity: Hosting Let's Talk Live in 2015

This blog has been taken me to places I never imagined (Hosting my own TV segment; Attending Fashion Week; Starting my own Style & Image Consulting business, etc.) and most importantly made me want to be a better person inside/out. I've met some amazing individuals and had a blast sharing some very special moments in my life so this is a very bittersweet good-bye to something that has been a big part of my life. I am nothing without my readers, you guys mean the world to me---the super sweet messages and support over these 7 years means more than you will ever know, Thank you immensely! And to my family and friends who have been there since day 1, you are so appreciated and I promise to not let you down. Of course I couldn't let my last blog post go without a super fabulous photo-shoot that made me feel on top of the world! Spring has officially Sprung in the District of Columbia so I wanted to capture this extreme Glow Up that I've been feeling (Special Thanks to Tabby and Coco for the creative direction/photography). See below:

WHAT I WORE: Over-sized Cotton Shirt by H&M/ Stripe Tie Pants by Mara Hoffman/ White Mules (old) from Target/Blue Pretty Poms Tassel Earrings by Kate Spade

So what's next for Ms. Style and Grace aka Schuntel Alexis? Well I'll give you a big hint and the exclusive of course! I'll be doing a lot of writing cues *Carrie Bradshaw* in a very literal form, the last few weeks I read over all of my blog posts and will be incorporating some of this into literal form. Yes! You've heard that right. I'll be writing my very first book. With mustard seed faith I know that nothing is too big for God. I've already began the creative/brainstorming process so I can't tell you all that I'll be writing about but you won't be disappointed. I'm very anxious to finally pursue something that I've been wanting to do for a few years now. I read a quote the other day that said "They don't serve champagne at pity parties" and it was like light bulb went off in my head. It was reminder that in order for your dreams to come true you had to do your part and work for them, so here I am making my own dreams a reality because I like to drink champagne.  


Although I won't be posting here anymore, you can definitely stay up-to-date with me on www.schuntel-alexis.com and via Instagram. Again, THANK YOU ALL for you love and support it has truly warmed my heart. And for the very last time I'm bowing out gracefully (tear drop)!