Monday, January 25, 2016

Vision Book 2016!

Happy Almost my favorite month of the year (February) lol! January seems to be flying by before my eyes, like seriously where does time go? Between planning two trips, a birthday party, working two jobs and a busy social calendar I've put off working on a very important task I do every vision board!! But, "I'm back and I'm better..." in my Bryson Tiller voice. It's been snowing like crazy in DC so I've been snowed in for the most part without many of the usual distractions I'm usually subject to so I decided to work on my vision board (also known as my vision book). I turned off my phone for about 3 hours and poured myself a sizable glass of champagne and began to go through about 10 magazines and brainstorm on all the things I see for myself this year. Every year I add two pages to my vision book I started back in 2012. I usually do my vision board at night (that's when I feel the most creative) but for some reason I had an extra boost of energy and felt inspired...sooo here is the BIG REVEAL! 

Here is page 1 of 2, and it pretty much says it all (well not all...but you get the point). I have a special connection to 2016, it's already been eye-opening and filled with so many good things that I'm patiently only waiting for another good thing to happen. Turning 30 in less than a month has me a little nervous but I'm being positive and "going with the flow" and taking it "day by day" because that's the only way to keep my sanity and let God work his magic. This first page of my vision board is dedicated to my three relationships (family, friends, and love life). I'm so private when it comes those 3 and I hold them with a very gentle/genuine hand because it means a lot to me. Through and through I want to nurture those relationships more and focus on being the person I would want to meet. I live a beautiful and blessed life, so although I loveeeee fashion/beauty I realized that I've neglected other aspects of my life. So I'm shifting my focus (maybe it's the whole I'm turning 30 but I've been trying to make 2016 a year that I can truly grow through meaningful relationships and new experiences. 

And here is Page 2 from my 2016 Vision book that also rings near and dear to my heart. I love quotes and the quote by Rihanna where she says "I had to regain my fearlessness because it did go away for a little bit. I just got back to being OK with myself" is by far my life. I'm extremely human and although people think I don't go through trials and tribulations or disappointments in life, I do and I'm woman enough to admit I lost my fearlessness for awhile but through spiritual growth and those "meaningful relationships" that I hold close I was able to gain it back! More than anything I really just peace and justice for all, there is so much happening in the world that I hope that we as a people can make a purposeful impact and a difference so that future generations don't have to go through the things I've seen/experienced.  If you haven't started your vision board (don't panic!), take your time and write down your goals or even start a gratitude journal to get you on course for the year. So often we get consumed with the day-to-day routine and schedule that we need to contribute to our purpose and our goals. Meditation and prayer gives me time to do that, find what takes you away to that creative place and begin working on you and all the things that matter!! With that being said, I'll leave you with this quote "You are allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress, simultaneously." 

*bows out gracefully*

Tuesday, January 5, 2016


When you think of 2015, what do you think of more...your accomplishments or your failures? I've been going through this year in my mind like crazy since last week and all I can think of is how extremely blessed I am to be able to have traveled, loved, conquered, fought and most importantly lived the life that I've been given. I think the beauty in life is jumping over hurdles and accomplishing things you didn't know you could, it's been one of those years for me and I couldn't be more grateful to know that with faith and confidence I can reach my highest potential. I can't stop thinking of my accomplishments and all the goals I've set and achieved. It wouldn't be life without a few minor setbacks and mistakes along the way, but in the words of my kindred spirit Carrie Bradshaw "maybe our mistakes are what makes our fate" and these "hurdles" as I like to call them mold us into these super human people that make us prepared for almost anything.

I like to think that I am strong and can handle almost anything because of things I've seen and been through, but most importantly because of the people I surround myself with. I have a huge family and infinite friends that I'm beyond grateful for, I think 2015 has taught me a lot about what I need and being honest with myself so as I go into 2016 I made a few promises...but before I share those with you, check out a few of my favorite memories from 2015 below.
Started the year kinda like
Family ties :) 

I didn't miss basketball season!

That year I turned 29...

I styled my first accessory shoot for Urban Sweetheart

5 Year Blog Anniversary Photo-Shoot!

Rooftops and such ; )


BFF love!

Hosted my first style segment featuring my friends :)

Oh Miami...

More photo-shoots...

Red light special...

Apparently I've gotten into sports this year lol...

What a surreal moment! #SchuntelAlexisGoesLIVE 


 That European tour I did with my girlfriends!

Halloween was LIT!

New Yorkkkk!


I think I became a Dab Queen at this game lol..
When your side hustle is your favorite place to be....WIN!
Oh What A Night!

Girl talk with my niece :)


 Brunch Champs!
First time on air!

 My 5 Year Blog Anniversary Party & Website Launch!
My view a majority of the Spring/Summer.

Boats and things like that...

Still poppin'...

Celebrating my BFF's accomplishments.

That time I fell in love with THE BEACH exhibit!

Roomie lovin!

Hostess with the Mostess!

Can you tell it was a good year?!

Conquered Soul Cycle!

My Promises to 2016...
1. I promise to keep God first!
2. I promise to remember to be honest about what I want, need, feel and who I am.
3. I promise to always be kind.
4. I promise to choose wisely.
5. I promise to keep an open mind.
6. I promise to remember my blessings over my struggles.
7. I promise to be the kind of person I would want to meet.
8. I promise to smile more :)
9. I promise to walk confidently in the direction of my dreams.
10. I promise to read more.
11. I promise to wear that outfit I was saving, even if it's to go to the grocery store (life is short).
12. I promise to spend my time wisely.
13. I promise to write more.
14. I promise to use social media less.
15. I promise to remember that I'm human and I'm not perfect.
16. I promise to love a little more :)
NYE was just how I wanted it to be...perfectttt! :)
I had a really awesome New Years Eve. Super excited for all that 2016 has in store for me! My vision book is next, stay tuned!
*bows out gracefully*