Friday, April 30, 2010

Style and Grace Reviews Buddha-Bar

April 29th, 2010 I had the pleasure of joining my two best friends at the newest bar in DC called Buddha Bar at 455 Massachusetts Ave for a private opening. At 9,400 square feet this new trendy bar will create a unique experience for on lookers. The food is great and the waitresses were very friendly. With dim lightening and Asian infused decor I fell in love instantly. This bar is perfect for a date night or girls night with your close girlfriends especially because it closes at 2am on a week day. Buddha Bar should be open for business mid-May and I assure you it will not disappoint you. :)
Style and Grace APPROVED!

Style Rules for Vintage Shopping

Hello I'am a VINTAGE-HOLIC! You can say I'am a die hard fan of vintage clothing ever since I was little girl. I always dabbled in my Mother's jewelry, high heels (she has tons!) and the her bags because she was and still is my style inspiration.

I'am fascinated by the way people incorporate the old with the new and I for one do that on a regular basis. Some people think its so hard to find good vintage (I thrift store shop as well!) and that is NOT TRUE! The key to finding good vintage/trendy clothing or accessories is knowing what your looking for, its that simple! I have 5 Style rules for Vintage Shopping that could help you save time, money and unnecessary fatigue for FREE!
  1. Know exactly and precisely what your looking for--What Season is it for? Do you need clothes, shoes or accessories? *Vintage stores can be very overwhelming so stick with a plan that really works! Writing down a list usually helps me :)
  2. To SAVE or SPLURGE-- What kind of budget are you working with? Can you really afford that Chanel clutch? Is it worth it? *I'am a big fan of splurging on QUALITY and saving on QUANTITY. No one knows your pockets but YOU!
  3. Take your time-- What's the rush? Are you on a time crunch? *Looking through vintage clothing requires time and patience so you should allot enough time to find what you want.
  4. Ask for HELP--Can someone help you? Need a second opinion? Do you know a good vintage shopper? *If you need help feel free to ASK a friend, family member or ME! I like to vintage shop by myself but I love bringing my best friend with me because she knows what works well on me and what doesn't and vice versa.
  5. Use your IMAGINATION--Can you see yourself rocking that shirt? Can you alter it? Does that dress compliment your figure? *These are the questions you should ask yourself especially if its your 1st time. Never stop imagining yourself wearing what your buying!!

I hope this helps you the 1st or next time you go vintage shopping, if you need help please contact me at

What about the Men?

I have NOT forgotten my Men this season! This Spring its all about keeping it cool, classic and true to yourself. I have always been a fan of Tom Ford so I recommend my male readers to check out his Spring collection!

Tom Ford, Spring 2010 Collection

* This key to finding the RIGHT suit jacket is finding a good tailor. Tom Ford is all about incorporating the trends of today while still keeping it clean and not too busy. I love this Guy!

Now Calvin Klein has been around for ages (And STILL keeps everything so sexy!) so this Spring he has chosen to incorporate pastels and brighter colors. In regards to suits this season the classic 3 piece with a futuristic element is ALL THE RAGE!
Calvin Klein, Spring 2010 Collection

Top Trends this Season:
  • Classic Cotton Tee (this should be a staple)
  • Cotton suits -WHY?! Because it keeps your look fresh and cool
  • Cargo/Army shorts
  • Versatile button down shirts (Stripes are very popular)
  • Jeans that fit YOU! ( Not too baggy or too tight--just right)
  • Go BRIGHT or Go HOME! (Pastels and brighter refreshing colors)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

No words. Just an Image.

My favorite Spring Jackets!

The weather has been very unpredictable in DC/MD/VA lately so its safe to say you should wear a jacket JUST IN CASE! I've rounded up some must-have Spring jackets that are very popular this season...

"Mean Jean Machine": Levis Trucker Jacket

"The Military Stylista": Urban Renewal Army Surplus Jacket

"Stripe me down": Madison Marcus Infinite Striped Jacket

"Parka me anywhere": Short Pac-a-Parka

"Light me up": Fillamore jacket (I just got this jacket = perfect!)

"I love my Boyfriends": Boyfriend Blazer


My favorite Glam Squad of the week: Teyana Taylor, Jennifer Lopez, Kerry Washington, and Halle Berry

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Genesis Girls Night Out: Chapter III

Are you interested in a fun filled night with the girls????? Well I've got the perfect event for you filled with cocktails, shopping, beauty, glam and a good time with your girls. Tickets are still available for $10.00.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Its the END of an Era: The Hills

I don't know about you but it feels like I grew up with the girls of The Hills. I remember watching the show with my friends in College while eating dinner and talking in between commercials! Its a BITTERSWEET ending to a show I loved...

I've rounded up my favorite looks & superlatives from the stars of the hit reality show..Enjoy~

Lauren Conrad: Most likely to Forgive but want to Forget You!

Lo Bosworth: Most likely to keep it real without going postal! Classy chick ; )

Whitney Port: Most likely to Succeed & look effortlessly fabulous!

Kristin Callavari: Most likely to get in your face over BOY drama!

Heidi Montag: Most likely to drive her friends & family CRaZy!

Audrina Patridge: Most likely to talk about Justin Bobby ALL THE TIME!

Get EXCITED the wait is over the last season of The Hills comes on tonite at 10pm. Go to to see the trailer!!

Monday, April 26, 2010


Happy Monday Style and Grace Readers!

Today is dedicated to fabulous friendships everywhere! I'am so in LOVE with my friends not because they are FABULOUS but because they are my inspiration and motivation. I have NO idea how they picked me but I'am LUCKY to be their friend.

Love YOU ALL! xoxo

....even Hollywood loves their BFF'S!

"We made a deal ages ago..Men, babies doesn't matter we're STILL soul mates"-SATC2, Samantha