Wednesday, December 31, 2014

THE RECAP: Favorite Moments of 2014!

Hello Everyone!!! I seriously cannot believe 2014 is over, I'm still in awe of how fast this year went. 2014 was a year full of so many things...I laughed harder than I ever laughed, made so many new friends, loved a little harder, lost a few friends along the way, bonded with my family, drank wayyy too much, cried some nights, took some personal time to reflect, watched the sunrise and sunset, checked a few boxes off my bucket list, stood strong when I needed to, learned how to be a great friend, smiled when necessary and most importantly I prayed through out it all. 2014 was full of so many moments, I decided to share them with you all, enjoy!

Kicked off 2014 at the Billionaire Ball Drop with #TeamNoChill

You know our shoe game is official!

Celebrated my baby sister's 21st birthday @ Auto Bahn during her 21 Balloons Scavenger Hunt! SO MUCH FUN!

Then there was the Jay Z after party with my absolute favs! #PostUpFlawless

Cliqued up for my bestie, Derrrick's birthday! WHAT A NIGHT!

Pam became me ultimate favorite this night!! #PDay

Firm believer in this quote!

I "shoveled some snow" in between cuffin season lol...

My 28th birthday was filled with so much love!!! I'm still in awe of how amazing it was, thanks to all that made my week so special! Love yall like XO!

Family is everything to me and they surprised me during my birthday weekend with a surprise trip to New York!!! Love them so much!

That time when you run into Nev & Max at dinner!! #Catfish

I went snow tubing! OMG so much fun! #Nostalgia

One of my favorite sayings "Keep your mystery" ; )

That time when your about to send BAE a #HoldingUpTheBathroomLine

I did some mini-golfing in heels! Yes, I scored!

When in LA...go bright or go home! #YellowOrWhatever

Elon gave me the best girlfriends ever!! Love these dolls!

I think this was one of my favorite outfits of 2014, I loved this H&M dress!

Ericia's birthday brought together all of my faves (well most of them) from Elon! They are like my big sisters, Thank you God!

My beach is better.....can't you tell? ; )

...typical moments in Jimmy Choo trying to decide what to buy! #GTaughtMe

Moments like this with your bestfriend are priceless! Hookah, wine & a roof top is all I need!

Friends who volunteer together, stay together! So much fun volunteering for the White House Easter Egg Roll with Pam & my mom!

Then there was the White House Garden Tour, I love that place! Beautiful day indeed!

Girls Night Out @ STK! #DCNightsBeLike

I needed some sun, so I went to Miami!

Cliqued up before watching the fight!

Something like FAMILY!

Brothers from another mother....Love you so much!!

Ahhhh the sand in between my toes was so perfect. Oh Miami!

My bestfriend, superwoman and motivator! Love my Fab Mommy!

Grad Night Eve was beyond amazing! 

Finally walked the stage! #MASTERSCLASS

These girls mean the world to me, their support has been amazing. We've been friends since we were in elementary school and I'm so proud of each of them! XO

To make my dad proud is by far my greatest accomplishment, he's the real MVP!

Masterpiece ; ) 

Costa Rica was one of my favorite trips of 2014!!

Bonded with my European family!!

I zip lined with my family! EPIC!

My God son graduated from pre-school! Love this kid!

My Brooklym BAE, what a great friend! So thankful for her energy!

I'm still obsessed with these mustard shorts, lol

So many new additions to my family this year, my little cousin Sage is the sweetest!

I turned a few heads over the #Twirls

Father's Day with my sisters & niece Maya!

I'm surrounded by the best, had a blast this day! Love these girls!

Impromptu night out....always an adventure with these two!! XO

Most of my summer was spent poolside doing this..laughing, drinking champs and meeting new people!

Day Parties were on FLEEK! I love this pic!

My niece Maya is my new BFF and I don't mind! Love her!

4th of July swag!

A starry night! Oh what a night it was....

Ummm raises hand...

Champs on ice! Yes, please ; )

Typical Derrrick & Schuntel moment!

My first party bus, oh what a ride! #TurntUp

Bussin wine open ALL DAY! #WineFest

Then there was the Beyoncé concert I attended with my bestie, SOOOO MUCH FUN!!

Lunch breaks by the pool....I'll take that!

Super proud of my baby sis, we celebrated her new transition to Towson University!! #ProudSissyMoment

Another DC Night Out!

Had the pleasure of witnessing the beautiful union of my friend Kacey!

When in Vegas.....

I attended my 10 Year High School Reunion with my BFF of 10 years +

Had to turn it up for my friend at another day party before she completed her last semester of law school! Go Juicy Go!

Always reppin that ELON! #EU

A friendship that I adore whole heartedly :)

Beautification Day with Team "Ms. Style & Grace" #Service #Volunteer

Obsessed with this romper!

My big sissy had an EPIC birthday celebration!! She's so awesome!!

Labor Day weekend consisted of bunny ears! lol

I conquered New York Fashion week!! What an experience!

Dolls that I adore :)

Went bowling for my first time... #CuteSurprise #BucketList

Fun times supporting my girl Sky! She's an amazing Hair Stylist!

Another surprise..... #BucketList #BikingInHeels

Played a bit of checkers in Panama too...

My trip to Guyana was my absolute favorite trip of 2014!!! #TakeMeBackkk

Me & Ashlee enjoying a night out after a longggg week!

Brunchin' and laughing....

Roof top fun!

Fashion row with my mom & sisters supporting our baby girl!

Halloween was SOOO MUCH FUN! #LoveMyKellyRowlands

My crew is FLAWLESS!

Brunch followed by a little turn up with my friends of course!

Of course I attended a few fashion events, this one was my fav! Kudos to the Cole Stevens Salon :)

Man I'm trying to kick it with you....

When my bestie is in town from LA we turnnnnn up!!!!

My girls! We work together, we eat together and of course we PLAY harder together! xo

Taking usies with my favs!

One of the best after parties I've ever been to..I mean ever! #KnockOutAbuseGala

Hookah addict on the low.. lol

I got a little wavy this year....thanks to my doll, Sky!! #KarmaLounge

I fell in love with StephCoco! Funniest girl ever! xo

What can I say? I loveeeee this girl! So glad our friendship has grown to this level #FlavorOfTheYear

The only reason I go to Baltimore is for her, love you Ree!!! #BirthdayCupcakesOnFleek

My favorite PA girl ever! Can't wait to make more memories! #FlossinOnThatFlawless

New Friends Holiday Party was a huge success!! Thank you Guys!!!

I pulled out my OTK boots lol... #ChristmasNight #TheCalm

Boo lovin with my girl Candy! #BabyPassMeTheHookah

Ice Skating like Kristi Yamaguchi lol....

Dear 2015.....

Like I've said, 2014 has been a year full of so many moments I'm truly looking forward to 2015! I'm embracing change and positive energy like no other and I can't wait to see what God has in store for me, my family and friends. I hope everyone has a great New Year's Eve! Talk to you guys in 2015!

*bows out gracefully*