Thursday, December 30, 2010

Special Thanks to Our Stylin On You Stars of 2010!

 The fabulous Angela!

 The sophisticated Wenny!

The super chic Crystal! 

The DMVntage Lynice! 

The GQ Derrick! 

 The beautifully made Jessica!

My Fashion Guru Sodie!

The fiercely Triana!

....Our sincerest thanks & we wish you all the best!
Keep Stylin on them ; )

My 2010 Memories.....The People I'll Never Forget!

...sorry if I forgot anyone! We just need more pictures together :)

Sequins UGGS! Rock it or Knock it??

So our favorite Hip Hop Princess (check out her blog!) has been super excited to rock her sequins UGG boots! UGG has done it again, after appearing on The Oprah Show as one of her favorite things these $170 sparkle sensations has been requested by any and everyone. 
Are you feeling these? Its never too late for an additional gift! LOL #seriously 


GIRL TALK: New Years Eve...Dress, Heels, Friends & Bubbly

SO last year I brought in 2010 with my favorite girls of all time and I had the TIME OF MY LIFE. And with everyone asking me the same question, What are you doing for New Years? Where the party at? How fab is your dress? I've decided to finally answer them! LOL *shocking face* First and foremost, I'am not planning my New Years Eve, the Beau I think has it all figured out! Secondly, I'm not set on a particular outfit because bringing in a New Year means more than a dress & a fierce pair of's all about the people you spend it with and how you spend it. Don't get me wrong I will find a sparkly little dress and a killer pair of heels that will make you go "Gaga" BUT, it's truly more than that at least for me it is.  

This year I'm opting out of the spotlighted parties and accidental drunk dialing, by doing things a little LOW-KEY. 2010 has been a monumental year for me and I plan on furthering my dreams and strengthening worthwhile relationships with people I love whole heartily. I have no New Years resolutions just a promise to always remain true to who I'am. With all this said wherever you are be sure to bring in New Years the way you want to whether that's in church, at home, with your significant other or even being the LIFE at the most fabulous party. I'm an advocate for a good time minus the tomfoolery, so keep it cute ladies! All I need is LOVE & some Bubbly to complete my New Years Eve because "just maybe, I've found someone who can stand still with me" *in my Carrie Bradshaw voice*
2011 will be a year to SHINE, I mean why not? What do you have to loose?

* bows out gracefully * 

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

VINTAGE: Beyonce

I don't know why I love this picture SO MUCH...but I just love the intensity! CRAZY I know..*bows out*

Looking for Your Perfect New Years Nail Polish?

Sonia Kashuk in Reach for the Stars Gold, $4.99;

OPI in Rising Star, $8;

Barielle in Aura Angora, $8;

Estee Lauder in Extravagant Pearl, $18;

Milani in HD - Silver Holographic, $4.49;

NARS in Full Metal Jacket, $16;
Deborah Lippmann in Bad Romance, $18;

Rescue Beauty in Catherine Nail Polish, $18;

Chanel in Paradoxal, $23;

via: InStyle

Revlon in All Fired Up, $4.79;

Butter London in Knees Up, $14;

Essie in Silken Cord, $8;

Top 10 Best Dressed Women in Hollywood in 2010

With 2010 coming to an end, it's safe to say that we've seen some of the best and some of worst. I've chosen My Top 10 Best Dressed Women in Hollywood this year.
These women exude glam, beauty, style and revolutionary glitz! Enjoy~

 Rihanna kept us guessing every month!
From blonde to red her hair style and fashion was always up for discussion!

 Cassie Diddy's lover kept her style chic and funky!
Although her relationship status has been questionable, her style is nothing less than FABULOUS!

  Blake Lively is way more than your average Gossip Girl!
On screen as Serena Vanderwoodson she is daring and sexy, off-screen she is just GLAMOROUS!

Kim Kardashian is definitely an Armenian Princess! 
She has the IT factor on top a style that seems to get better each and everyday!  

 Halle Berry is LEGENDARY! No seriously...
You've got to admire a woman in her early 40's giving girls in their 20's competition..She's Smokin HAUTE

 Solange Knowles has officially turned into Beyonce's little sister a Fashion Icon!
From gracing pages in top fashion magazines and being a trendsetter, she's definitely a girl to watch!

Jennifer Lopez is my favorite actress, singer, model, mom EVERYTHING! 
Her fearless style, riveting personality and hot bod is definitely making a mark on red carpets everywhere... 

 Jada Pinkett-Smith is one hot mamma! Caliente!
Her glowly petite frame and "gotta have it" attitude compliments her undeniable beauty!

Kerry Washington is the epitome of glamour! 
Being a Kerry fan for quite sometime now, I really adore her style! Classic yet chic! 

Lady Gaga is probably my favorite style icon in Hollywood!
From her outrageous outfits and "I don't care" attitude, you have to give her props for standing out when everyone seems to want to "fit in" these days.....